Three Kids is the New Two

or so I’ve been told.  But in a world designed for a family of four, it still has its challenges.  It’s enough kids that other parents feel confident coming to you for advice (but not as many as to classify you as “really religious or something”).  I often get asked what it’s like having three kids.  Many parents (myself included, pre-third child) couldn’t imagine being outnumbered by their children.

The truth is, I never felt in control.  Not with one child.  Not with two.  So why should three be any different?

I have a school aged son, a daughter in pre-school and a toddler.  Every day I feel so so busy and so so bored at the same time (it should be a new emotion.  Or maybe it already is and maybe it’s the true definition of “stay-at-home mom”).  I spend all day running in circles triangles, trying to answer questions… questions from my children, questions from my husband and questions that I ask myself.

So I take to the internet for answers!  I think it’s important to mention here that I was born in a year when the generations overlap and therefore I relate to both Gen X’ers and Millenials so I may not have the techie skills of the younger Millenial generation, but I wouldn’t know what to do without wi-fi or Pinterest.

My goal with this blog is to share any advice I have “learned” whether from searching the internet for answers or trial and error.  Access to an entire world of knowledge and opinions is a luxury that many parents did not have access to several years ago. I didn’t get a smartphone until well after my second child was born, so having answers at my fingertips is a fairly new development for me and has been a game changer.

While I normally tend to stay away from parenting forums and the overly opinionated mom groups,  there is a sense of security in them.  There is something so beautifully reassuring in knowing that some other parent out there in this gigantic world is going through the exact same thing that you are.  And that EVERYONE is looking for answers.

Sometimes questions can’t be answered by doctors or psychiatrists or sleep training experts.  Sometimes answers can only come from another struggling mom.

And I hope to find as many of those answers as I can and share them with you.

Because no matter how many children you have, they will always have more energy, more emotions, more boo-boos, more opinions and more questions than you.  YOU WILL ALWAYS BE OUTNUMBERED.


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