If you have three kids, you might often find yourself running in triangles.  It’s hard to keep up as a parent when you’re outnumbered.  But there is one thing that comes with being a parent of three – experience.

You’ve been the typical first time parent who tries to do everything perfect, fails miserably, and then blames themselves.

Then you became a second time parent who realized that none of it was your fault, parenting is hard as hell and no matter what you do, kids are going to turn out however they were meant to.

The third time around, you’re comfortable and confident.  You don’t mess around with bedtimes and you’ve mastered the “mom look.”  You’ve learned how to support other parents and when to keep your mouth closed.  But most importantly, you know not to blink for fear of missing a single moment.

So welcome to the Running in Triangles website- a place to get information, resources and support for surviving parenthood, no matter how many kids you have or where you are on your parenting journey.

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