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Running in Triangles, a Survival Guide for Raising Three Kids

Motherhood marked the beginning of my mental health journey.

From the moment I first started trying to get pregnant, nearly 10 years ago – motherhood has taken a toll on my overall mental health.  Miscarriage, hyperemesis gravidarum, precipitous labor, postpartum depression, endometriosis and hysterectomy have all affected my life since becoming a mother.

But all of the darkness and tragedy and trauma led me to a powerful place.  Running in Triangles is my life.  It’s what I do all day long with three kids, and it’s where I come to escape them.  It’s how I reach out to women who have been where I once was.  It’s the place where I feel most powerful and free to talk about the things that no one else understands.

I don’t consider myself a survivor because the battle is not over.  Instead, I am a warrior of maternal mental health in the war against stigma.

Will you join me?

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