7 Holiday Gifts to Buy in Bulk

This is the perfect time of the year for giving and being thankful.  We focus on the most important people in our lives – our families and friends, and as parents, try our best to make the holiday season as magical as possible for our kids.

But what about all the extra people in our lives who do so much for us and our children throughout the year?  I’m talking about the teachers, neighbors, child care workers, soccer coaches, co-workers, and all the other people who make a difference in our daily lives…

Having to buy an individual gift for each of these people (and those ones we’ve forgotten about until the last minute) would just add to the Christmas shopping stress.

Instead, here are 7 gifts you can buy in bulk from www.beau-coup.com that would make the perfect holiday thank you to all the extra people in our lives who make a difference.

7 Holiday Gifts to Buy in Bulk

7 Holiday Gifts to Buy in Bulk

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1. Card and Ornament


Up your Christmas card game this year with these snowflake ornaments and personalized cards.  They come in a minimum order of 24 and you can add two lines of text to the card so you can personalize your greeting.  These would be perfect to mail out to long distance friends or family, drop in your neighbor’s mailbox, or send to school in your kid’s backpack.

2. Apple Cider


These little personalized bags of apple cider and caramels are the cutest holiday treat!  How adorable would it be to have the customizable bags printed with a greeting from your child to give out to all of their teachers or friends?

3. Salt & Pepper Shakers


I love the modern minimal look of these pine tree shaped salt & pepper shakers.  They would look perfect on anyone’s holiday table and would be appropriate to use all winter long!

4. Monogrammed Shawl


While not exactly an item that comes with a bulk price tag, it’s an affordable gift nonetheless.  The monogram option makes it perfect to give to female co-workers, teachers or child care workers.

5. Mini Mason Jars

Personalized Holiday Metallic Foil Mason Jars

Fill them with candies, cookies, pretzels or peppermints – or choose non-food options like little collectible toys, nail polish or bath bombs.  The possibilities are endless!  They come with a personalized label so they will still coordinate no matter what you fill them with!  (I recommend baking up a batch of my tried and tested chocolate chip cookies to fill them with!)

6. Snowflake Bookmark


If you’re planning on giving someone a book for Christmas, this would make a great add-on.  But even by itself, it would make a great gift for your kids’ teachers, librarian, book club members or any other reading fans on your list.  The affordable price tag means you can even give one to everyone in your kid’s class or sports team.

7. Hot Cocoa Mix


Everyone loves a cup of hot cocoa during the holidays – go the extra mile and hand out these personalized bags of hot chocolate mix so they know who to thank for the delicious hot drink.  There are SO many different customization options, that it’s sure to stand out!  Give one out to everyone at your holiday party, stuff stockings with them or leave them on your co-workers desks. Or you can pair it with one of these festive holiday mugs or this mason jar mug and add on a hot chocolate stick to make the complete package!

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Author: Vanessa Rapisarda

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