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The Danger of the “Fake it ‘Till You Make it” Advice for Postpartum Depression
Moms have to deal with all kinds of advice when it comes to being a parent. Many mothers with postpartum
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Kyleen’s Postpartum Depression Story Part 2: The Struggle to Breastfeed
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A Look at Mobile Ultrasounds for the Anxious Mom-To-Be
Mobile ultrasounds are a great way to beat a case of anxiety for expectant mothers. Many women choose to get
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7 Signs You Need to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles (and the best way to do it!)
It’s normal for moms to experience weakened pelvic floor muscles. Pregnancy, labor and delivery weaken our pelvic floor muscles and
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My Third and Last Pregnancy: Thoughts from Jess
So far, I have spent almost 2 years of my life being pregnant. I am now 22 weeks pregnant with
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How to Protect Your Sleep During Daylight Savings Time
Daylight savings time can be a mother’s worst nightmare. Daylight savings time begins on the second Sunday in March and
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15+ Self Care Ideas To Keep You Warm in the Winter
It can be tough to find the motivation for self care in the winter. It’s in our nature to want
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How to Survive the Holidays with Postpartum Depression
There are several reasons why the holidays aren’t as enjoyable when you have postpartum depression. In order to get through
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Two Mental Health Warriors Share What It Means To Be Fragile
Do you consider yourself to be fragile? I recently collaborated with Katya and Cait, the founders of The Fragile Club.  One
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This is Why I Write About Postpartum Depression
Ever wonder how I came to write about postpartum depression and act as an advocate for maternal mental health? For
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To The Husbands of the Women With Postpartum Depression
It’s not easy to love a woman with postpartum depression. We know that it’s tough on the husbands of women
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A Look Into the Science-Backed Benefits of Doulas
Ever considered using a doula to help you through labor and delivery? There are so many benefits of doulas, and
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Think You Have Postpartum Depression? Here’s What To Do.
Postpartum depression can be hard to recognize and often goes undiagnosed.  If you think you have postpartum depression, it usually
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7 Days of Self Care: How to Feel Better in a Week
It can be simple to incorporate self care each day of the week, as long as you have a plan.
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Breastfeeding and Postpartum Depression: What Is The Connection?
There seems to be a significant connection between breastfeeding and postpartum depression. Many women who have been diagnosed with postpartum
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Why All Moms Need To Spend A Day At Thermëa
Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature is a Scandinavian-style spa in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Focused around the concept of “thermotherapy,” Thermëa is a
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This is Why I’m Not Excited About The Postpartum Depression Drug
The new postpartum depression drug, Brexanolone (a.k.a Zulresso) is a huge step forward for maternal mental health care, so why
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What Happens When Someone Incredible Gets Postpartum Depression?
We are all incredible people, no matter what our journey is with postpartum depression. Some women who end up with
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