Postpartum Depression Guest Post Series 2018

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Welcome to the Running in Triangles Postpartum Depression Guest Post Series

Here you will find guest post submissions from bloggers and amateur writers who have bravely chosen to share their own personal stories of battling postpartum depression, anxiety and other maternal mental health conditions.

Speaking up about postpartum depression is so important to bring awareness and help eliminate the stigma that surrounds this common condition.  Women often keep silent on the topic because they are afraid of being judged, so I invite you to read these stories with an open mind and heart.

Please feel free to comment on or share any of the stories that touch you in the hopes of reaching out to a soul that might be struggling silently.

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Kara’s Postpartum Depression Story
Here is a heartfelt and emotional postpartum depression story by Kara Wellman of Moms Gone Outdoors. Kara’s struggle will resonate
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Vanessa’s Postpartum Depression Story
My postpartum depression story begins with the pregnancy of my second child.  I had a mild case of the baby
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The Ultimate Collection of Postpartum Depression Stories
I am a huge believer in speaking out about postpartum depression and other maternal mental health disorders such as perinatal
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