25 Reasons Why Moms Hate Winter

We recently got hit with a blizzard.  On Sunday, my world was covered in muddy puddles and brown grass – a sure sign of spring.  On Tuesday – 4 ft high snow drifts greeted me as I opened the garage door.  It made me realize remember exactly why I HATE winter, and I’m sure other parents can relate…

25 Reasons why Moms hate Winter

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1. Three kids = 3 jackets + 3 sets of ski pants + 3 hats + 3 scarves + 6 mittens + 6 boots = two dozen things to put on!!! (not counting my own)

Kids Winter Clothing

2. Now multiply all of that by 2 because at least one child will need to pee after getting fully dressed.

3. One of your children hates wearing a snowsuit and will fight you to the death if you try to put it on them.

4. If you’re lucky you can get everyone into the vehicle before the command start automatically shuts off.

5. If you don’t have command start then you need to run out to start the vehicle and come back inside only to discover that all the children have now undressed themselves and you have to start over again.

6. Snowsuits and car seats don’t mix. (Unless you opt for one of these new Buckle Me Baby Coats!)

Buckle Me Baby Coats

7. You have to take your mittens off to do the car seat buckles up and your fingers get frostbitten in the process.

I hate car seats in winter!

8. You can’t hear what your kids are saying from the backseat over the sound of the heat vents blaring.

9. The cup of Starbucks that you bought yesterday and accidentally left in the car overnight is now stuck to the cup holder in a spilled cappuccino popsicle.

10. The back of the driver and passenger seats are covered in snow and salt and sand from your kids kicking them with their boots. (Better invest in kick mats!)


11. The kids are complaining that they’re too cold. Now they’re too hot and asking why they can’t put their windows down?

12. When you get to your destination, they’ve lost their mittens and hats, possibly a boot or two and their jackets are unzipped.

13. Strollers and snow don’t mix. (Unless you splurge on an expensive all-terrain one)


14. Shopping carts and snow don’t mix.

15. Walking around in knee deep snow is a feat in itself. Try doing it with a baby in your arms.

Sorel Women's Winter Carnival Boot

16. Getting inside a store where the kids decide they are now too hot and take off all their jackets and hats and mittens and scarves.

17. Throwing everyone’s winter gear into a shopping cart and then not having any room for actual groceries.

18. Getting ready to leave the store and needing an extra half hour to dress everyone back into their winter clothes.

19. Having your anti-snowsuit child throw a temper tantrum because they don’t want to put on their hat.

20. Kids are naturally drawn to giant snow piles close to busy roads.


21. The kids like to use the snow brushes as lightsabers.

22. Having a vehicle full of people who are of zero use to you should you get stuck in the snow and need a push out. (You may want to get a set of these auto traction mats instead)


23. Someone always wants to start a snowball fight but they can never take a hit.

24. The baby always want to eat the snow and they don’t know what color yellow is yet.

25. Getting back inside and ending up with a heaping pile of cold, soaking wet items of winter clothing.

Hate Winter

Author: Vanessa Rapisarda

Stay at home mother of three, postpartum depression survivor & parenting blogger