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Maternal Mental Health Resources

The Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression Infographic
Download a digital PDF of this popular infographic on Etsy!
Postpartum Support International

The ultimate resource for those suffering from a maternal mental health disorder. The PSI offers a toll free warmline that you can call (or TEXT!) if you need someone to talk to.  They can also help you find local support groups, and offer resources for fathers as well.  It should be the first place to turn if you, or someone you love, is suffering from a maternal mental health disorder. 


 Here you can find information on how to get involved in raising awareness for maternal mental health in your own community.  They are responsible for fundraising, conferences and community initiatives to help aid mothers suffering from mental health disorders. 

World Maternal Mental Health Day

The official date for this year’s World Maternal Mental Health Day is May 1 2019.

While it’s a topic that should be discussed all the time, WMMH day offers an opportunity for organizations around the world to stand united in their fight against the stigma of maternal mental health.  Help spread awareness about maternal mental health by using the hashtag #MaternalMHMatters.  Click here for more information and to find out how you can get involved. 

Postpartum Depression Association of Manitoba and Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba

As a Manitoba-based blogger, it’s important for me to share local resources and support groups.  For any mothers living in Winnipeg or rural Manitoba, here you can find the local crisis phone numbers, emails and information about local initiatives and support groups.

Manitoba Postpartum Warmline (Call or Text): 204-391-5983 (9 am – 9 pm, 7 Days/Week)

Pact for the Cure: PPD ACT

This is a FREE research study being conducted to help determine the cause of maternal mental health disorders and create an action plan to treat them. All women who have suffered from postpartum depression in their lives, whether officially diagnosed or not, are encouraged to apply to be part of this research study.  It’s just a matter of downloading an app and answering a few questions.  If selected, you may be asked to submit a DNA sample. 

For more information and to join this important research study, visit:

Cara Unmask

Cara is a free anonymous chat app where you can speak openly about your mental health.  You don’t need to sign up, create an account or provide any personal details to talk to someone.  The Cara Friends are volunteers, myself included.  Some are mental health professionals, others are just mental health warriors looking to help.  Download the app today and find a friend that you can talk to about all of those scary feelings.

Beyond Depression: Anxiety, Psychosis and other Mental Disorders of Pregnancy and Postpartum

Here is a comprehensive guide to maternal mental health disorders from Parenting Pod, written by Dr Carla Brock MD FRCPI PhD.

Drug Addiction Information

Many sufferers of mental illness turn to alcohol or drugs for relief and find themselves suffering in a different way.  Here is some additional information about substance abuse while battling a mental illness from

And for information about the dangers of substance abuse during pregnancy, check out this guide from

Self-Care Resources

Love Your Life Self-Care E-Course

This self-care course from Peace of Mom will teach you how to implement self-care into your busy life.  

The Self Care Journey 

This e-book from Mommy Takes 5 is designed to help you find time for self-care over the course of 30 days.  [buy it on Amazon for $9.99]

Sleep Deprivation Resources

The Baby Sleep Site

Here you can find a huge variety of different sleep consultation plans, depending on how much help you’re looking for.  If you’re not sure exactly what kind of help you need, then I recommend signing up to be a member.  In the members area, you can access all of The Baby Sleep Site’s e-books and other exclusive resources, plus you get a 20% discount towards any sleep consultation package.  

For more information and pricing on The Baby Sleep Site’s Members Area, visit:

The Sleep Sense Program

Dana Obleman is a professional sleep training consultant who has helped many families establish good sleep habits in kids of all ages.  The program offers a wide variety of personalized help, including videos, workbooks and e-mail support.

For a FREE customized sleep plan, visit:

Breastfeeding Resources


Stacey Stewart is a lactation consultant and mother of three (including twins!).  She runs this awesome ONLINE breastfeeding course that you can enroll in for less than $20.  The course will take approx. 90 minutes so it’s not a huge commitment for a busy new mother, but also comes with a money back guarantee if it doesn’t help you find breastfeeding success! 

For more information and to enroll in Milkology visit:

Mom Smart Not Hard

This site is run by two moms and offers tons of great breastfeeding articles (as well as pregnancy and sleep training).  Perhaps one of the best tools for any breastfeeding mother is their downloadable Breastfeeding Handbook which basically has all of the information you could possibly need.  Also available is a FREE 5 Day Breastfeeding E-Mail Course.

For more information and to purchase the super affordable Breastfeeding Handbook, visit: 

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