The Pros and Cons of a Combined Sibling Birthday Party

If you’re like me then you’re lucky (?) enough to have three kids whose birthdays are less than a month apart.

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When baby #2 was born only three weeks after my first child’s 2nd birthday, I had mixed feelings about them sharing a birthday party.  And then my third child turned up only two days after my first child’s 5th birthday so there was almost no avoiding celebrating their birthdays together… at least for a little while.

For the past 4 years we’ve had one big combined sibling birthday party and this year was no exception!
Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party
Read this post for all the details on this year’s combined sibling birthday party!

Our first combined sibling birthday party was shortly after we moved almost 900 kilometers away from home and all of our family.  We decided to host the party back in our hometown so it made sense to combine the celebration and save us having to make two trips in.

sibling birthday party
Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed 1st & 3rd Birthdays – 2013

While this is still one of the main reasons we choose to do a combined sibling birthday party (despite now only living 200 kilometers away), there are several pros and cons that we take into consideration each year. 


There is a lot of flexibility in choosing a date for the party because it’s not a celebration of one specific day.  It becomes more of a “birthday season” and we’ve had our parties anywhere from a few days before or after, to a month away from their actual birth dates!

When it comes to parties – bigger is better!  One big party can be easier than trying to throw several small ones.  I tend to go overboard on the party planning and wouldn’t even know how to throw a “small” party.


Party City is my go-to website for party related decor items and game props.  They have a huge selection of themes and color schemes and I’ve always been able to count on them to have something specific that I need for a great price! 

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Beau-coup not only has adorable little party favors for every occasion but they also sell a ton of things in little miniatures that are perfect for dressing up a cake table or candy bar or to use as cake toppers.  [Click here to receive 25% off]

Fun party favors and supplies @

It’s easier to consolidate all the effort into one party, instead of starting off big and then running out of steam/ideas/money by the time the last one comes around.

Finding themes for a combined sibling birthday party is fun and challenging!  Our most recent theme was based on the Dreamworks Trolls movie but we’ve also done one inspired by The Minions Movie (for our three little minions) and Mickey & Minnie (our first one for our son and daughter).

sibling birthday party
Minions themed 1st, 4th & 6th Birthdays – 2016

Each child gets to open a gift.

You don’t have to deal with one child feeling jealous of their sibling for getting all the attention.

Having a separate party means being able to do something special on each child’s actual birthday.  There are so many creative ways to start a new birthday tradition in your family!

these awesome mom blogs have some great ideas for birthday traditions!

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While your children are young, all their guest lists will likely be the same – family and close friends.  Having one party means those guests won’t feel obligated to attend several different parties throughout the year.

A combined sibling birthday party provides an opportunity for guests to go in on larger group gifts together that your children wouldn’t normally receive.


Each child won’t get individual attention at their birthday party and may harbor resentment towards their siblings for always having to share the spotlight.

The kids may have a hard time agreeing on one theme, especially when they’re into different things.

sibling birthday party
Dreamworks Trolls 2nd, 5th & 7th Birthdays – 2017

Once the sibling birthday party is over, there isn’t anything new to look forward to for the rest of the year.  It can be depressing when “birthday season” is over, similar to post-Christmas depression.

It can be financially straining to pull off one really BIG party once a year instead of several smaller ones scattered throughout the year.

Trying to settle on a date for a big event that is equally close to everyone’s birthdays and doesn’t coincide with other holidays and events can be as stressful as setting a wedding date.

No matter what options you choose for a cake (individual cakes, group cake, cupcakes) you will always have to sing “Happy Birthday” more than once.

Trolls Cake
6 Layer Rainbow Cake Recipe

Sometimes, especially in larger families, birthday parties become one of the few events that gets everyone together and having only one party means fewer opportunities to connect with family and friends.

dreamworks trolls gift ideas
Check out these great gift ideas!

It can be a burden on your guests to have to bring gifts for several children as opposed to just one.

The children may come to expect that they will ALWAYS get presents when their siblings do (or other children) and it will take away an opportunity to help them work through their jealousy.

Kids may receive “one gift for all of you to share.”

I know the day will come when my children will beg me for their own birthday party and I will graciously oblige…

… but until that day…

we will party like it’s Christmas in April!


Author: Vanessa Rapisarda

Stay at home mother of three, aspiring writer & parenting blogger