5 Spring Fashion Must-Haves for The Busy Mom

I can’t express how I excited I am to share this guest post from a very talented writer, and mother of two, Jess Sankar.

(She also happens to be my sister and best friend!)

Jess has always been the fashionista out of the two of us, and one of my favorite places to shop is in her closet!  I have no doubt that she will soon become your go-to fashion mom as well!

With years of experience working in high-end retail fashion, Jess shares some of her best spring fashion tips for moms who need functional and straight-forward wardrobes, without looking frumpy and worn out.

Fashion Tips for Moms
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Fashion Tips for Moms

Fashion Tips for Moms

Fashion Tips for Moms

First, I want to say that these are really just bare bones basics. My own personal style tends to include simple pieces in pretty neutral colors (ie. black, black, black…. but also beige, grey, navy, denim and army green).

I love a good patterned dress or trendy shirt in a bold color, however I think you need to have a few staple pieces to lay a good foundation; then filter in the fun pieces that match your personality!

1. A lightweight canvas jacket

Talula TROOPER JACKET | Aritzia
Aritzia | Talula Trooper Jacket

Something like an anorak style or trench inspired jacket makes the perfect topper in any spring weather. Go for a new neutral tone. I personally love army green but navy, camel or blush tones are also great! Look for a fingertip length, and good sized deep pockets. Wear this with everything… jeans, leggings, spring dresses, or layer it over cardigans when it’s cooler out.

2. Modern slip on sneakers

Aldo Shoes | Jille

I love a simple black leather pair with a white sole. Slip on and go. Or go for something a little more fun in a pattern, an embroidered flower detail or fancier fabric like satin or velvet. These are great for the playground, the grocery store or a coffee date with a friend. The possibilities are endless.

3. A great fitting pair of jeans

YMI Wannabettabutt Mid-wash Ripped Mid-Rise Anklet Skinny Jean
Eclipse | YMI Wannabettabutt Medium Wash Skinny Jean

I know this gets talked about so much but when you find a great pair of jeans, you will feel like a new woman. I personally love a nice high rise with a little stretch and a bit distressed in a skinny leg.

Shopping for jeans can be as intimidating as bathing suit shopping.  Here are some jean-shopping fashion tips for moms:

go without your kids

ask the associate for help

try on lots of different rises and washes

don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to find “the one” – you won’t regret it.

4. An over-sized “boyfriend” cardigan

Ardene | Heavy Knit Cardigan

This piece will work overtime in your wardrobe. Go for a neutral like a grey, beige or warm hue, especially if you are not overly adventurous when it comes to color. Look for a longer, cover-the-bum-length and preferably with pockets. (I swear to you, having pockets is so important in sweaters and jackets… we are moms so we have to carry ALL THE THINGS.)

5. My last must-have is… updated leggings!

Ardene | Cut Out Mesh Leggings

We all know moms can’t live without their leggings, they are the momiform. But step it up with some leather-look, shiny, or moto style leggings. A big trend right now is having a sheer leg panel. I tend to avoid patterned or bold colors, only because I want my clothes to be able to pair with anything.

These 5 staples are so easy to wear with everything and make picking outfits to wear simple! Perfect for any busy mom on the go.
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Additional Fashion Tips for Moms

The Tuck and Roll

The “Front Tuck”

This is the holy grail of fashion tips!  When you are wearing pants with a waistband (ie. NOT with leggings), simply tuck only the front part of your shirt into the waist. This will instantly define your waist and elongate your legs. It’s magic. (a throwback alternative is to do a t-shirt knot in the front middle!)

Fashion Tips for Moms

The “Ankle Roll”

It’s all about the ankle! With jeans, roll that bottom cuff up to show a sliver of skin – perfect with the slip on runner or an ankle boot. Do NOT let your socks show! Even in leggings, make sure they are not too long. Not talking capris here, think more of a 7/8th or even a tad longer in length.

This trick can also be applied to your jacket or sweater… roll or push up the sleeve whenever you can.

Black T-Shirt

Ardene | Oversized V-Neck Tee

Find the perfect black t-shirt. One that is cotton so it will breathe but not too thin that it hugs every roll. And when you find a t-shirt you love, buy it in the other colors too. And another black one, because… kids.

Baseball Hat

Call it Spring | Almolonga

Find a black (or other basic neutral) baseball style hat that fits you really well.

Different fabrics or textures will step up the fashion, but for those “run-out-the-door-haven’t-washed-my-hair-in-3-days” kind of days, a hat on trend can make you look put together.

(Add those aviator or oversized sunglasses and basically be celebrity mom status)

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There you have it, a few style tips that can hopefully help you ditch the frumpy mommy feelings and be on your way to looking like the fashionista you are inside!

Fashion Tips for Moms
One thing I can say as a mom who values fashion and being on trend is this:

you are putting on those leggings and t-shirt or jeans and hoodie anyways, so take the extra 15 seconds to style it in a way that will give you an extra boost of confidence and if you are anything like me, when you look good, you feel good.


Jess Sankar is a happily married stay-at-home mother of two gorgeous daughters (ages 4 and 1) living in Manitoba, Canada.  She has worked in retail management for over 10 years including high-end fashion stores.  With a natural eye for fashion, Jess loves to style both herself as well as her little girls.

Look out for more awesome fashion tips for moms from Jess on Running in Triangles!

Author: Vanessa Rapisarda

Stay at home mother of three, postpartum depression survivor & parenting blogger