The Power of a Great Lullaby

Kinderchartin’ produces modern lullabies for babies and kids

In my last post, The Trick to Sleep Training, I mentioned how important a distraction can be to help your baby forget about their bedtime battle.  For many babies, music can work as a great distraction.  If it’s too upbeat it may have the opposite effect which is why a great lullaby is an essential sleep training tool.

I talked about playing music during baby’s naptime in order to get them used to the “noise” of daytime sleep in part one of my sleep training guide.  This was something I always did for my children so that if I ever needed them to sleep somewhere different, I could put on “their” music and it became a familiar environment for them.  This came in especially handy as we’ve spent the last 4 years moving and their “bedroom” was constantly changing.  As a habit, I still play background music all day long for them.  When they were younger I got away with playing more mainstream music, but now that they’re much more impressionable, it’s been less Lady Gaga and more Disney Princess.

I found instrumental music to be the best for “quiet time” but after three kids it’s easy to get bored of listening to the same lullabies and nursery rhymes over and over.  I tried everything from classical music to instrumental Rolling Stones.  We even had one of these sleep sheep that played whale sounds.  My babies didn’t seem to have a preference, but I know of many others who could only fall asleep to a certain song.

Now that the kids have “outgrown” lullabies, it’s background music that I’m constantly looking for.  They have their own playlists of songs that they love to hear on repeat (and it changes every few months) but I can only handle so much Disney in a day.  It’s for the moments when everyone is anxious or in a bad mood because music just has a way of calming down even the most irritable minds.  It’s for playing during “homework” time to help focus short attention spans.  Sometimes ONE distraction can take away SEVERAL distractions.    It’s for the moments when all the kids are either out of the house or asleep and I suddenly realize how lonely and quiet it is.  How ironic that I wish for peace and quiet all day and when I finally get it – I turn on music.

Recently I found the perfect background music for those moments.

A friend of mine over at Kinderchartin’ makes this wonderful music!


The album Modern Lullaby Hits – Vol. 1 features instrumental versions of popular songs like Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams and Lukas Graham’s 7 Years , which are songs that my kids and I love and are also excellent for humming along to.  You can tell immediately what song they are but there’s something extra special about them.  The music FEELS incredibly powerful.  It’s spa inspired which is excellent for helping babies and parents relax but it has this vibration that moves through you when you listen to it.

You know when you’re watching a movie and there’s a really powerful scene that makes you feel all kinds of emotions?  Do you ever pay much attention to the soundtrack happening in the background?  That music is what gets those emotions flowing…  and this is that soundtrack (figuratively speaking).

For a moment,  I felt like I was relaxing at a mountain top resort.  All… By…  Myself (!)  And as a mother of three kids – that is a much needed luxury even if it’s just in my own head.

They even have a Christmas and a Halloween album (with a lullaby version of the Ghostbusters theme!!!) and JUST RELEASED Volume 2!

You can access these awesome lullabies on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & Youtube and don’t forget to follow Kinderchartin’ on Facebook!



Author: Vanessa Rapisarda

Stay at home mother of three, aspiring writer & parenting blogger