10 Unique Dreamworks Trolls Gift Ideas

Is your little one as obsessed with Dreamworks Trolls as much as mine are? I’m not sure if it’s the retro music, the colorful characters or the crazy hair but the Trolls have taken over our house!  Here are 10 super unique and fun gift ideas for the Trolls-obsessed child that are sure to make a statement!

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1. Rock N’Troll Boombox


For the kids that know the entire Dreamworks Trolls Soundtrack by heart, this boombox plays songs and phrases from the movie so kids can sing along with a real working microphone.  You can also connect any MP3 player to it to play additional songs turning it into an instant Karaoke machine! 

2. It’s Hug Time!: Storybook With Bracelet


Admit it – “Hug Time” was one of the cutest parts in the movie! This book comes with it’s very own felt hug time bracelet so that your kids can have hug time whenever they want to! 

3. Reversible Twin Sized Comforter


This comforter is awesome because there’s a different Trolls design on each side so it’s like having two comforters in one.  Because we all know how often kids change their minds… [Click here to see the other side on Amazon.ca]

4. Hair-ific Headphones


These super funky headphones will give your kids the Troll hair they’ve always dreamed of having.

5. Set of 6 Dreamworks Trolls Posters

dreamworks trolls poster set of 6 trolls decorations trolls party favors gifts

The vibrant colors of these posters are sure to brighten any room.  With different size and design options this Etsy listing is completely customizable for your child’s favorite Dreamworks Trolls characters!

6. Short Range Walkie Talkies


What kid doesn’t love Walkie Talkies?  This would make a great shareable sibling gift!

7. Guy Diamond Colour Changing LED Light



Guy Diamond was a Troll with a shining personality and this color-changing nightlight suits him very well.  If only it would fart glitter…

8. Adventure Kit


This awesome little set is perfect for slumber parties or camping.  It comes with a sleeping bag and a matching backpack! 

9. Charm Bracelets

Trolls Party Favors, Trolls Poppy Bracelets Party Favors, Trolls Birthday, Trolls Cupcake time, Cupcake Bracelets, Cupcake Birthday

These handmade charm bracelets would make an awesome gift add-on or party favor for a Dreamworks Trolls inspired birthday party.

10. Jewelry Box


Not only is this a super useful gift but it comes with stickers and gems so that kids can decorate it themselves! 

dreamworks trolls gift ideas

Author: Vanessa Rapisarda

Stay at home mother of three, aspiring writer & parenting blogger