Vanessa Rapisarda is a busy/bored stay at home mother to Daxiano (8)Xacchea (6) and Xiena (3)

Vanessa was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to parents who each immigrated from different countries (the Phillipines and Trinidad & Tobago) but met and married in Winnipeg.  She was exposed to a world of different cultures, religions and traditions thanks to her mixed race.

She has been happily married to Richard since 2008.  Richard grew up in Turin, Italy and has a strong sense of tradition and family.  Together they have decided to raise their children with the same strong family values and diverse cultural background.

5 years ago, they packed up their entire life in Winnipeg and have moved throughout small towns in Saskatchewan in order for Richard to advance his career.  In the summer of 2016 they settled back in Manitoba, this time in Brandon.

Since becoming a mother in 2010, Vanessa has always been a working mom but officially became a full time stay at home mom in July 2016.  Writing and blogging have always been an interest, and she hopes to share her adventures, experiences and advice with the rest of the parenting community.

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