How To Dress For Your Body Type

Every human being has its unique identity and style. In this world of fast fashion, beauty, and social media everyone wants to look like their best version.  In order to achieve the best of your style, you must be aware of your body shape, size and geometry. To help you dress for your body type, we have classified different body types based on measurements and appearance. Get the deeper knowledge of your body to style it better.

How to Dress for your Body Type
*This is a guest post and all opinions are those of the author. This post may also contain affiliate and/or paid links. Rest assured that we only work with companies and individuals that we trust. While some of those companies and individuals may work in the medical field, this post is not intended to be a substitution for medical advice. Always speak to your doctor if you have concerns about your mental or physical health.

The Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

An inverted triangle body shape is determined by the broad shoulder in comparison to the lower half of the body. The waist probably doesn’t have any space with the hips. Women with inverted triangle body types must avoid tops that highlight their shoulders. Big straps, Halter neck tops should be avoided. Try to balance your upper half with v-necks, crewnecks, scoop necks and peplum tops. For the lower half, you can opt for flared pants, boyfriend jeans, wide-legged jeans or large prints to volumize your lower body. These sorts of bottoms help to create a balance between the upper and lower part of the body. 

The Apple(Round) Shaped Body

Also called a round or circular body shape, this body type seems heavier on the upper half of the body. Here, the bust, waist, hips seem to be uniform and shoulders are narrower than the rest. You have a large bust and your waist is almost undefined. Women with apple shaped bodies find it difficult to style according to their body type. Finding the correct fit is a lot of struggle. Loose fit is a strict no as it will make you look big. 
Wrap tops, peplum tops are the right choices to get a defined waist and draw attention. Wear dolman sleeves, V-neck T-shirts to balance out the lower half. Straight skinny jeans, mid waist jeans, flared pants add up the required volume to your appearance.

The Athletic(Rectangle) Shaped Body

The athletic or rectangle body type is determined by its measurements. Here, the shoulders, bust and hips are fairly uniform. The waistline is more straight than curvy. The athletic body people must focus on accentuating their bust to make the waistline defined and curvy. Opt for scoop neck tops within puffy sleeves, or you can go for a sweetheart neckline or a collared neckline too. Ditch the skinny jeans and choose flared, slim-straight, wide-legged jeans for creating a fair balance. You can add up belts around the waist or pick belted jackets to make your waist look curvy.

Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest

The Hourglass Shaped Body

The hourglass shape is often referred to as a curvy body shape. Women with hourglass bodies have uniform shoulders and hip measurements. The waist is defined and the bust is large. You can opt for anything with that almost perfect body type. You must choose wraps, peplum tops, A-line dresses, scoop neck tops, deep v neck tops. For the lower half, you can go for mid-rise jeans, flared jeans, skin fit jeans. Fit and flare dresses and jumpsuits are you’re a-listers for date nights. Never forget accessories with jewellery and handbags.

The Pear (Triangle) Shaped Body

A triangular frame or a pear-shaped body can be determined by its narrow shoulder and bust with wide hips and thick thighs. This body type people need to draw attention to their upper half. Always choose bright colours, prints, boat necklines, sweetheart necklines, cowl necks or square necks. Rather than choosing skin fit jeans, you should opt for straight fit mid-rise jeans. Flared pants, boot cuts and flat fronts are good options for your bottoms. A-line dresses or off-shoulder dresses are essential for casual parties and date nights. 

The Petite Shaped Body

Petite body type is not a specifically defined body shape. It covers all women under 5’3. Women however can have any kind of body type but we are giving you universal tips based on your short height.  Women with a petite figure have to get their tops tailored from sleeves most of the time. You must always go for 3\4 sleeve length with light coloured shirts. For casual days you can choose off shoulders, scoop necks to flaunt your collar bones. While looking for the bottom, you must choose mid-rise jeans for a taller illusion. Choosing a fit is not a problem, you can pick a straight skinny, wide-leg pair of pants according to your body type. Keep knee-length skirts, midi, and high-low dresses handy for special events. 

6 Clothes You Need for Your Postpartum Body

The Tall Body Type

Tall body types talk about your height to be more specific. The main characteristics are your height being 5’9’’ or taller, inseams are 32’’ or longer and sleeves and pants are mostly short. Your body type may vary in size and proportions, so we are just recommending tips based on your height. Blouses, V-neck t-shirts, tunics, belted jackets are the right choice for your long torso. Straight fits, flared and high waisted jeans look super chic on a tall girl. Skinny fit is a choice but avoid it if you are on a leaner side. As for dresses you can go for midis, Wrap dresses and one with the prints. 

The Plus Size Body Type

Plus-size people used to struggle a lot finding the correct fit for them a few years back but now the fashion houses have created a section for plus-sized people specifically. Women with this body type should pick tops and dresses with v-necklines, choose smaller prints with dark shades, use belts and wraps around the waist to get it defined. Always go for fit and flare dresses or you have an option wrap and sheath dresses for formal occasions. While choosing bottoms, avoid flared jeans and rather pick up straight fit, skin fit or boot cut bottoms. Accessorize with necklaces, handbags and eyeglasses. 

Author Bio:

Amanda is a hard working Professional with a degree in Business Management. Apart from her daily job, She loves working in the Fashion Industry. She has been working with for some time now. Amanda Keeps up with the fashion trends and loves fashion blogging and makes sure that her lifestyle reflects the same. 

Tips To Maintain Healthy Nails At Home

If you want healthy and beautiful-looking nails, you don’t always need to get a regular manicure to have them. You can actually still get gorgeous looking salon-worthy healthy nails at home for a fraction of the money. Here’s how it’s done.

Tips to Maintain Healthy Nails at Home
*This post contains affiliate and/or paid links which means that if you click on one of these links and buy a product, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Rest assured that we only recommend products that we love from companies that we trust. Furthermore, we are not medical professionals and nothing in this post should be taken as medical advice. Always speak to your doctor if you have concerns about your mental or physical health.

Keep nails dry

You should try to keep your nails dry as much as possible. Because pretty much anything that involves your hands getting wet can weaken even the healthiest nails. Household chores like cleaning bathrooms or washing dishes can be especially bad, as they involve constantly immersing your hands in hot water. That means you should always dry your hands for a few minutes after washing your hands, and every time you have a swim, shower, or bath.

Watch your diet

Remember that beauty is never only skin deep. So if you want to have healthy nails and maintain them, your diet should include plenty of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein like eggs, fish, nuts, and seeds. Calcium is essential for healthy nails, so add some low-fat dairy, and keep your nails hydrated by drinking plenty of water. A diet full of the right nutrients is the best way to maintain healthy nails at home in no time at all. 

Regularly trim nails

Just like a haircut helps make your hair look healthy and feel great, regularly trimming is just as important for healthy nails. Sure, having long nails looks amazing, but they’re also much easier to snag and break. 

Especially if you seem to always have issues with breaks, splits, or hangnails. By trimming your nails once every week or two to keep them short, you’ll give them time to grow stronger before letting them get longer, and ultimately help keep them from breaking

Body Pampering Treatments for Stressed Out Moms

Buff instead of color

Nothing’s worse than chipped nail polish only a few days after going to a salon. So unless you’re planning two manicures a week, sometimes it makes sense to buff them. Especially if you want a break from polish or a clean slate. 

Simply by taking the time to trim them properly, file them well, and buff your nails until they shine, you might be surprised at just how stunning they can look. While they may seem less stylish, the buff is basically the classiest way to have that naturally fresh feel.

Maintain nail hygiene

Ensure your nails are always hygienic by cleaning them regularly, and by using natural sanitizers to protect them from germs and bacteria. Remember too that long nails are much easier for dirt to accumulate under, so don’t let them grow too much. 

Only use sharp clippers or manicure scissors to trim them. It’s also very easy for microbes to be transferred from dirty nail tools, so make sure they’re periodically washed and properly sterilized.

Rethink polish remover

Never using nail polish remover again would be the best thing ever for your nails. But it’s unlikely that any of us will want to give up our manicures any time soon, you should at least avoid using nail polish remover with formaldehyde or acetone. 

These chemicals cause a chemical reaction which dries out your nails far too much, which is incredibly unhealthy for them. It’s much better to use acetate-based removers instead which contain added ingredients like hydrating oils.
Self Skincare Routine

File nails correctly

When you’re filing your nails, it’s really important that you do it correctly. The best way to learn how to file nails is by completing an online nail technician course. That’s because using a rough grit file will most likely cause breakage, especially if you’re sawing your file back and forth because this action can quickly weaken your nails. 

The best way to prevent any damage is by always using a fine grit file in one direction, moving inward from the outer edge of the nail, and lifting the file on each pass.

Don’t shake polish

When nail polish sits for too long without getting used, the ingredients start to separate and settle inside the bottle. When this happens, don’t try shaking the bottle to mix up the polish so you can use it again. 

Why not? Because shaking it up actually creates tiny bubbles of air which will often end up as little bubbles or circles on your painted nails. The most effective way to mix nail polish together again properly is by putting the bottle between your hands and rolling it back and forth.

By following these tips above, you’ll have strong, pretty, long and healthy nails at home in no time at all. And not only can you learn how to look after your nails at home, but it’s going to cost you more in time than money.

Summer Style for Plus Size Moms 

Summer is a time when most people like to show off their style and look their best. For plus size moms, it can be a little more challenging to find outfits that are both stylish and comfortable. However, there are many great options available if you know where to look. This blog post will provide some tips on how to dress well for the summer season, regardless of your size, whether you’re looking for something casual or more formal.

Summer Style for Plus Size Moms 
*This is a guest post and all opinions are those of the author. This post may also contain affiliate and/or paid links. Rest assured that we only work with companies and individuals that we trust. While some of those companies and individuals may work in the medical field, this post is not intended to be a substitution for medical advice. Always speak to your doctor if you have concerns about your mental or physical health.

Choosing the right and comfortable outfit 

Outfits for plus size moms are on point nowadays, but you should also consider how comfortable you are wearing it. You should try and always consider the following when choosing your summer outfit:


Before everything, acceptance comes first. This is the most significant and important factor that you need to consider for your personal fashion to be perfect. All moms, in all size and shapes, should learn to accept and love their body.


Love comes next, love all the flaws of your body. Do not be ashamed of those thighs that you feel it to be covered. You need to show love to those parts of your body too, and everything will follow.  


Confidence always comes next after love. For plus size moms, this can be difficult.  You need to make sure that when you choose your fashionable outfits, you know how to wear it, be comfortable in it and lastly, wear it with confidence like there is no other woman in the world that is beautiful as you are. Do not cover yourself up. 

5 Summer Fashion Trends for Moms Who Want to Be Comfortable


You should know your fabrics, having knowledge about the composition of every fabric will help you choose your clothes or outfits. Join communities that discusses what kind of fabrics to choose for your shape. You can also search the internet to know more about it.  


Know your silhouette, there are different body shapes, even among plus size moms.  Knowing yours will definitely help you choose your styles. Here are the different body shapes for reference: 

    • O body shape (Apple shape)
    • X body shape (Hourglass shape)
    • A body shape (Pear shape)
    • H body shape (straight up and down or banana shape) 
    • V body shape (inverted triangle or strawberry shape)

With these references it will help you determine what fashion trends suites you best. 


Choose the correct accessories that would definitely match your outfit. Know how big your necklace should be and the hand bag that matches that. Also choose the correct style of shoes. As we all know that choosing the correct accessories you will be more elegant and chic looking. 

How To Avoid Frumpy Mom Fashion This Spring

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your style 

There are no rules when it comes to fashion. There are no rules to follow if you do not feel the latest trend of fashion then do not. Make your own style and make your own rules as long as you are happy, contented, comfortable and especially if you feel confident about it then GO. 

Pamper Yourself 

You should always know how to pamper yourself. It means that loving, acceptance of what you have and being confidence is the best thing. Love your shape and body, try gifting yourself with a massage, facial, or having a nice nail spa. Also always give yourself gifts during your birthdays, holidays and any other occasions.

Get inspired 

Search or join communities by other plus size moms who have great style that has your body shape and get inspirations from them. 

How to Boost Your Confidence and Feel Good About Yourself

In conclusions with all of this, the best outfit yourself, be confident and accept who you are. If you can make a documentation or a video about your progress, do so and be an inspiration to others.  In this way you will be able to help yourself and the other plus size moms who experience the same things you are. 

Author Bio

Charmaigne Ambas is a PR Specialist and Content Writer for VEED. She writes about general topics that would benefit it’s readers with informative content.

How To Match Your Outfit With Your Children

If you love to match your outfit with your children, you’re not alone.  It’s a popular fashion trend that’s developed over recent years. Even though it seems all cute and fun, it can easily get out of control. The trend had arisen from the fact that children are our mini copies as they look like us and behave like us. So, why not also share a style with us, the parents. These matching outfits are often too cute to resist, of course, as long as they are tasteful, natural and comfortable for the children and parents as well. It can also be a great way to bond with your children and boost creativity.

However, it’s crucial to keep a level of sanity, as we’re molding our children with everything we do. Therefore, putting too much importance on physical appearance can have detrimental effects. Take a look at some summer fashion trends for moms who want to be comfortable and try to find a matching clothing item for their kids.

How To Match your outfit to your children
*This is a guest post and all opinions are those of the author. This post may also contain affiliate and/or paid links. Rest assured that we only work with companies and individuals that we trust.

Opt for Mini-me matching outfits

When speaking about matching outfits for mother-daughter, the easiest way to go is to wear the same dress, in adult and child size. It looks cute and fun, and it’s okay to do it from time to time, not always. Daughters love wearing the same dress as their moms do. By dressing in the same outfit, you and your daughter will surely look like a cheeky and bold mother-daughter duo. Don’t forget to snap the moment!

Match accessories, colors and prints

If you don’t want to go for the exactly-the-same-outfit look, there’s another plausible way you can still match your outfit to your children. For example, you can match your outfits partially. It means that accessories such as a flower band, shades of some colors or different prints will work perfectly. This way goes well for both boys and girls, in fact, with the whole family. Seeing a family all mixed and matched is so cute! You can find plenty of clothing pieces for your children at Kidz Emporium that you can easily coordinate with your adult outfits.

5 Summer Fashion Trends for Moms Who Want to Be Comfortable

Coordinate casually

You can also coordinate casually, for example, by wearing a matching pajama set. Besides, if you have daughters, you can get some comfortable, casual, cotton dresses that are both practical and functional. Made from quality materials, these dresses can withstand playtime as well as wear and tear. You can also find a matching shirt for your little man to fit in the crew.

Go for the classics: flowers, stripes, denim, tartan

Some things are simply classics, and they look good on all generations. Let’s start with the floral print. You can easily match your flower outfit with your daughter by wearing some cute dresses or playful skirts. Be careful, though, as not all prints suit everybody. The safest way to go is to opt for some small flower print – it usually fits everybody. Moreover, stripes never go out of style, and you can match them both with girls and boys. They are simple and classic. Keep in mind that narrow stripes have a slimming effect, while wider ones give an illusion of width. That’s why it’s crucial to know your body shape and choose the style accordingly. The festive look of tartan is perfect for Christmas time, and you can easily coordinate the whole family in matching outfits. And lastly, denim is a classic, and there are infinite ways you can match your outfit with your children.

Don’t go overboard

As already mentioned, it’s so easy to go overboard. Don’t let yourself get carried away and overdress your children or dress them inappropriately. It’s crucial as it can affect them negatively in the future. Avoid any adult-like clothes and accessories. Let them be children and enjoy this period.  Matching the outfits in the right way can look amazing and super-cute. But only if it’s done tastefully – remember that.

Author bio:

Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a writer and designer, but her ultimate passion is fashion and textile design. She is also a bibliophile and her favorite book is “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner. Follow her on Twitter.

6 Clothes That You Need For Your Postpartum Body

Navigating your life after birth is a rollercoaster ride. Not only do you have to deal with taking care of a baby, but you also have to deal with your own changes, such as that of your body and mind.

Managing a post-pregnancy body is something that a large section of women struggle with. The kind of clothes you wear postpartum has to change, at least for a while, which is something that a lot of people find very difficult to navigate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Even after pregnancy, you can look your best and be comfortable while dressing according to your new shape. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and utility for beauty. You can have it all.

If you want to know about the best postpartum clothes and outfits, keep reading to know our suggestions. For more ideas about what to wear after giving birth, you can consult reviews and blogs as well.

6 Clothes You Need for Your Postpartum Body
*This is a guest post and all opinions are those of the author. This post may also contain affiliate and/or paid links. Rest assured that I only work with companies and individuals that I trust. While some of those companies and individuals may work in the medical field, this post is not intended to be a substitution for medical advice. Always speak to your doctor if you have concerns about your mental or physical health.
6 Clothes You Need for Your Postpartum Body


The first article of clothing that we suggest is sweatpants. Now, you might be thinking that sweatpants make you look like a slob. So why should you wear them, right? Well, you’re wrong. When styled correctly, something as simple as grey sweatpants can look great. One of the best and trendiest ways to style sweatpants are pairing them with a solid-colored hoodie and a pair of white sneakers. Wear a couple of thin gold chains or golden hoops for some added oomph. Sweatpants are the latest trend in athleisure and they flatter all body shapes.  They are the perfect clothes for a postpartum mom.

Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest

Nursing Bra

As we all know, undergarments are essential to a good outfit. If you’re not wearing the right kind of undergarments, you’ll just not be comfortable regardless of what you’re wearing outside. That is why another essential piece that you must have is a nursing bra. A nursing bra is similar to a sports bra, but the difference is that there usually aren’t any finicky hooks and the cups are easily removable for breastfeeding. They’re generally made of comfortable and breathable jersey material as well. Remember that before you purchase a nursing bra, make sure to check your cup and chest size.


Cozy Sweater

People might tell you otherwise, but the truth is, sweaters are a magical garment. It’s one of the few pieces of clothing which looks better when worn slightly loose and oversized, which makes it perfect for a post-pregnancy outfit. Sweaters come in various materials as well. So even if you’re in a hotter climate, or it’s still summer where you’re living, you can wear some type of sweater without sweating buckets. Styling sweaters is a piece of cake, and you can elevate your outfit with a few pieces of jewelry or a nice bag. For the perfect comfy and casual yet chic look, wear your sweater with a pair of leggings, sneakers, golden hoops, and put your hair in a sleek, slicked-back bun.


Speaking of leggings, there was no way we could skip out from putting leggings on our list, right? Leggings are a godsend, and they are the epitome of comfort with style. Make sure that you have a good range of flexible leggings on hand. Now, although most women prefer low waisted leggings as it keeps pressure off the stomach, you can opt for high waisted as well. Especially if you’re looking for a bit of a “Spanx” effect and you want to cinch in your tummy and waist. Pairing the leggings with a strappy top and sandals will give you the perfect summer fit. On the other hand, you can match them up with a plain sweatshirt or sweater for a fall look.

5 Ways Anyone Can Look More Attractive

Wrap Tops

An amazing piece of clothing that hardly gets the love it deserves is wrap tops, and they are perfect for the postpartum body. Wrap tops, as the name implies, are two-part tops that you can wrap on your torso with a belt. The reason as to why they’re perfect for the postpartum period is because it allows for easy breastfeeding. These tops are also made in flexible materials, so you don’t have to struggle with tight straps or clothing that doesn’t give you any breathing space. Coincidentally, wrap tops are very much “in” right now and you can wear them with a loose mid-length skirt and low heeled sandals for a super chic but extremely comfortable look.


Our final pick is a nice pair of pajamas. There is no mistaking that a large chunk of your postpartum period will be spent at home, recovering and resting. That is why you need a pair of comfy pajamas that give you ample space to breathe and do not make you feel constricted. Although you can make do with ordinary pajamas, purchasing maternity pajamas are better because, again, it allows for easy breastfeeding. Nowadays, maternity pajamas are available in a variety of beautiful and elegant designs which will make you look great even with your jammies on. Make sure that regardless of whichever pair you buy, they should be lightweight and soft.

How To Avoid Frumpy Mom Fashion This Spring

Finding the right clothes for the postpartum period doesn’t need to be difficult.  With comfort as your first priority, you shouldn’t have to be frumpy all the time either.  Feeling confident in your postpartum body can help boost your mood and improve your confidence, which is especially important for new moms. Looking good can help you feel good and that’s what’s most important.

Author Bio

I’m Diana Forest, a working mother and a writer, who likes to share her journey as a mom. I have been working with the healthcare industry for a decade.  

5 Ways Anyone Can Look More Attractive

Even though it probably seems a bit superficial to some people, the truth is that the majority of us strive towards perfection when it comes to physical appearance. If you belong to the second group, too, keep on reading because we’ve made a list of five steps you should take to look more attractive. Check them out and enjoy!

5 Ways Anyone Can Look More Attractive
*This is a guest post and all opinions are those of the author. This post may also contain affiliate and/or paid links. Rest assured that I only work with companies and individuals that I trust. While some of those companies and individuals may work in the medical field, this post is not intended to be a substitution for medical advice. Always speak to your doctor if you have concerns about your mental or physical health.
5 Ways Anyone Can Look More Attractive

Take proper care of your skin

Taking proper care of your skin is much more than just washing your face in the morning and before bedtime. Establishing a proper skincare routine sometimes takes a lot of time, effort, and nerves, but you know what? Once you find the right set of products, the final result is unmatched! For example, people with acne-prone skin tend to go for products with salicylic acid. This ingredient will remove the dead skin cells that have built up on the skin over time. It will therefore unclog pores and prevent future acne breakouts, which is an amazing benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Emphasize your eyes

The eyes, chico. They never lie.’ Even though you’ve probably heard this quote a million times, you still know that there’s something special about the eyes, right? Well, we must say that women with large, widely-spaced eyes are often said to be the most attractive ones. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to have large eyes to accomplish your goal of looking more attractive. All you need to do is to use a black eye pencil on your top lash line and smudge out the sharp lines. A smoky look will make your eyes look wide open. Just don’t forget to add a few coats of black mascara, too, and you’ll emphasize your eyes like a true pro!

7 Vitamins and Minerals All Women Need To Be Healthy

Keep your teeth white and gorgeous

If a smile is the first thing you always notice on someone else, you certainly know what we’re talking about here! There aren’t many things that look more attractive than a gorgeous smile. If that’s what you want, keep your teeth as healthy and pearly white as possible. Whitening strips are a great choice that gives fantastic results almost instantly. However, apart from being white, your teeth should be straight as well. If this is a huge issue for you, make sure to consult with orthodontics professionals as soon as possible. That’s the best way to go!

Keep your hair clean and voluminous

Hair is another important thing that inevitably impacts your first impression of other people. If you notice that someone didn’t even bother to wash their hair and keep it neat, you’ll probably think that this person is very sloppy and lazy. On the other hand, people with clean, voluminous hair are always seen as more attractive and therefore perceived as more pleasant and reliable. It doesn’t really matter what’s your favorite hairstyle or whether your hair is long or short. All you have to do is to keep it clean and you’ll love the outcome. As simple as that!

How to Deal with Hair Loss Caused by Excessive Stress

Boost your self-confidence

Self-confidence obviously isn’t a physical aspect of attraction, but you know what? Some people will say that it is way more important than anything else, and we completely agree with that claim! In fact, it can instantly make you more attractive. This is because confident people often have a prominent body language that other people find magnetic and eye-catching. Of course, boosting your self-esteem isn’t the easiest task out there. It often takes a lot of time and practice, but there’s one thing that always works. Just fake it till you make it and you’ll see a big improvement!

As you can see, you can look more attractive and it doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought. After all, it isn’t nuclear physics – it’s all about upgrading your everyday skincare, makeup, and hair care routines and sticking to the principles of basic personal hygiene. Be sure to work on your self-confidence, too. Only the combination of all of the above will give wanted results!

Author Bio:

Jasmine Anderson is a lifestyle blogger based in Australia. She is an incurable daydreamer, who finds inspiration in little, everyday moments. Spending time at her cozy home office with her two cats, writing her blog, is her favorite thing in the world.  Click here to follow her on Twitter.

5 Chic Winter Fashion Tips for Expecting Moms

We are big believers that busy moms can still have functional and fashionable wardrobes.

When it comes to winter fashion, expectant moms often struggle.  Any mother can tell you that, while pregnant, there’s a whole separate set of fashion challenges to face. Simply put, your body is changing, and this can leave even the most confident of fashionistas uncertain about how to dress. This is especially true during the winter, when it can seem that all maternity clothing consists of bulky outerwear and unflattering sweaters, without too many stylish options mixed in.

Thankfully, there are so many comfortable pieces that can be found outside of the maternity section that will keep you stylish and warm, and fit just fine.

So here are five chic, cozy winter fashion staples for moms-to-be!
5 Chic Winter Fashion Tips for Expecting Moms

Turtleneck Dress

Elizabeth & James - Refinery 29
Elizabeth & James – Refinery 29

A figure-hugging turtleneck dress is a great way to show off your adorable baby bump without really feeling confined or compressed. There are actually a lot of good options for this kind of garment making the rounds this winter season, though we’d have to say Elizabeth and James’ latest turtleneck dress is a particularly festive choice. The Clementine Space-Dye Wool Turtleneck Dress from the brand looks like something straight out of a 1970s fashion magazine – which, with vintage looks trendier than ever, is always a major bonus!

Not First Time Mom to Be Gift Guide

Fleece Lined Footless Tights

Even when you aren’t pregnant, fleece lined footless tights can be life savers when temperatures drop. They’re also quite handy, given that they’re fairly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For instance, some of these tights paired with a jersey top and tennis shoes is an adorable look when you have to head out on some holiday errands – but you’d also look incredible rocking the tights with a sequined silver sweater and a pair of chunky black boots at your next festive get-together. The main draw of these pieces for expecting mothers specifically, though, is that they’re super stretchy, meaning they can adjust and last through the duration of your pregnancy.

Wool-Blend Long Plaid Coat

Wool Blend Long Plaid Coat - Woman Within
Wool Blend Long Plaid Coat – Woman Within

A plaid wool coat is arguably one of the classiest types of winter fashion outerwear you can buy. Typically though, some pregnant women may feel that wool coats can be too restrictive (especially during the last trimester). A long, more relaxed version of the coat, however, can be just the thing. The brand Woman Within presents a number of coats and jackets suitable for all sizes, and happens to have a Wool-Blend Long Plaid Coat that perfectly combines the chic quality of the garment with the inclusive fit so many moms-to-be will appreciate. Its flattering cut will suit any body type, and it can even be worn open if it’s not too cold outside.


Boyfriend Jeans

A good pair of blue jeans is always a winter fashion essential (if not a year-’round one) but wearing denim can be somewhat tricky during pregnancy. It’s not the most forgiving fabric, particularly with a new pair, and so it can be difficult to find a pair of jeans that is both comfortable and fashionable. But this is where boyfriend jeans come in. These jeans – which tend to have a far more generous cut and relaxed design – happen to be very much “on trend,” and will look great with other seasonal staples, such as a black thermal top and a cozy cardigan.

Billowy Jumpsuit

Asymmetrical Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Who What Wear
Asymmetrical Wide Leg Jumpsuit – Who What Wear

Lastly, if you’re in a bind and can’t figure out to what to wear for a holiday party while pregnant, we’d suggest an always-fun billowy jumpsuit. For this season, the stylish designer Halston has a gorgeous option with a relaxed fit that’s well worth looking at, either as a specific option or simply as inspiration. The Asymmetrical Wide Leg Jumpsuit is designed in ultra-chic fashion, but made such that it’s roomy enough to remain comfortable during your pregnancy. A piece like this in white, or perhaps a festive red, can actually be quite the statement at your next holiday party!

Being pregnant can make some women feel extra large and unattractive over the holidays.  And no one wants to splurge on maternity wear they may only wear for a single season.  These winter fashion tips can help you enjoy your pregnancy, and the holidays, even when it’s cold outside.  And the best part is, they’ll likely be staples in your wardrobe for years to come!

Athleisure: When You Need to Feel Comfortable But Look Fashionable

If you think about it, the “athleisure” fashion trend is not a new idea.

Athleisure is the fashion trend that supports wearing athletic clothing for purposes other than athletics.  And while the term might be new, it’s been around for a lot longer than you think.  In the 90’s for example, sporting a classic striped Adidas track suit was the hottest trend, whether or not you were a professional athlete. 

But wearing baggy track suits wasn’t the most fashionable option.  Athletic wear evolved over time and soon it was the famous Lululemon yoga pants that everyone was spotted in.  And it was moms, in particular, who got a bad rap for wearing yoga pants 24/7.

There’s a reason why athleisure is so popular, especially among moms.  We collaborated with Grit & Zest, a leader in athleisure style clothing for women, to find out more about this comfortable and fashionable style trend.

Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest
*This is a sponsored post for which I received compensation. This post may contain affiliate and/or paid links. As always, the opinions in this post are my own.
Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest

Motherhood is an Extreme Sport

When we talk about athletic wear for moms, it actually makes perfect sense because taking care of kids is not that different from a full body workout.  We get pulled and pushed in different directions, and there’s a lot of lifting and bending and squatting.  We need clothing that’s going to move with us and allow us to feel comfortable while we’re chasing after kids at the playground (or the grocery store).

The good news is that we don’t need to look like a frumpy hot mess in order to be comfortable.  Athleisure style clothing lines, like the one from Grit & Zest, give us the option to look fashionable and put together, while still being comfortable and able to move freely.

Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest
Grit & Zest Circle Tank, Valley Sports Bra, Black Leggings

The Little Black Legging

Black leggings or yoga pants are something that are a staple in every mom’s wardrobe.  They’re versatile, comfortable and can be styled so many different ways.  The black leggings from Grit & Zest are not like your average, every-day leggings.  They’re made with high-tech materials, so they’re durable and heavy duty.  Since they’re designed for athletics, they wick away sweat and dry fast, which comes in handy when your kid spills their drink on your lap. 

Most importantly, they have a high waist which all moms know is important for added support after growing babies.  The seams don’t rub or irritate in annoying sensitive spots so they’d be great to wear postpartum or after abdominal surgery.  Make sure to pack a pair in your hospital bag! 

Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest
Grit & Zest Black Leggings paired with denim shirt, white tee and white sneakers

A Fashionable Sports Bra

Sports bras aren’t just designed for function anymore, they’re fashionable too.  You can feel confident wearing just a sports bra as a top on those hot summer days.  Paired with the high-waisted black legging, you’ll look trendy and fashionable while still feeling cool and comfy.  If you’re not comfortable wearing the sports bra alone, wear a button up shirt over top but leave the bra visible because there’s no sense in hiding that cute style. 

Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest
Grit & Zest Valley Sports Bra worn under a low cut romper

A Versatile Tank Top

A mom’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a comfortable tank top.  Black is the most versatile but different colors can make you stand out without too much effort.  The Grit & Zest Circle Tanks come in a variety of colors and are also made with quality materials.  The mesh panel is completely on trend right now and gives you a chance to show off a little bit of that fancy sports bra, while still offering full coverage.

This tank top is longer in length but it has slits on both sides so that you can move around easily and not feel restricted.  It’s also a loose fitting tank which is rare to find in athletic wear.  But it still has all the stretch and moisture-wicking properties of any other athletic tank top. 

Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest
Grit & Zest Circle Tank with trousers and heels

Mix it Up

My favorite thing about athleisure style is the versatility of it.  You don’t have to wear a full athletic outfit, instead try to mix and match certain pieces.  Leggings with a blouse, a sports bra under a low cut dress or an athletic tank top with jeans can take your outfit to the next level. 

No matter what combination you can come up with, I can guarantee that you’ll feel more comfortable.  And being comfortable will make you feel more confident.  And confidence is beautiful and so important for your mental health.   Head over to Grit & Zest and check out their full line of athleisure wear and the incredible reasons they do what they do.

Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest
Athleisure is perfect for busy moms


5 Summer Fashion Trends for Moms Who Want to Be Comfortable

Moms need to enjoy summer vacation as much as the kids do, which means that we need to feel comfortable.

Our mom bodies have changed and grown and it can be hard to find the right style that fits us.  It’s easy enough to hide that extra baby weight under heavy sweaters all winter long but hot weather means that it’s time to show off a little skin.  We love all the new summer fashion trends, but are they comfortable enough to chase the kids around? 

Thankfully, our resident fashionista, Jess, is here with a little advice for moms.  Here are a few of her favorite summer fashion trends that any mom can try out this summer and still feel beautiful, comfortable and beat the heat! 

5 Summer Fashion Trends for Moms Who Want to Be Comfortable

It seems like in an instant the weather changes from warm to HOT and then all of a sudden, if you are like me, you panic! Wait… what summer clothes do I have from last year that I still want to wear? And what trends do I want to try this year?

I put together this post to inspire you to try something new. I am constantly inspired my so many people and so many Pinterest boards, but these 5 have been my favorites for the season so far. Definitely give one or all of these summer fashion trends a try!

1. Slides

These are HAVING a moment at the moment. You might have noticed celebrities are a huge fan of the sock and slipper trend, but since filtering the slide into my everyday rotation, I can honestly say I am a HUGE fan. Slides (or slippers) are a great way to implement comfort for the summer months.  And if you suffer from heel pain, make sure to check out the best sandals for plantar fasciitis. 

There are so many different styles out there right now, but I am partial to the athletic slide.  This one from J/Slides on Zulily is affordable Nike, Adidas and other athletic brands also have their own versions.

JSlides on Zulily

2. The Midi Dress

This style has been on my radar for awhile now but since I am a short 5’2″ I was always afraid to jump into this summer fashion trend. However, with the right style tricks, you can rock this look like a pro no matter what your height is.

Reasons I love this trend:
    • It makes #momlife more comfortable. I hate when I am wearing a short dress and playing with my kids but I can’t stop worrying about my butt hanging out.
    • You can wear them with cute sneakers or instantly dress it up with a wedge.

I actually used to tie a knot on the bottom of my maxi dresses because I preferred the length and the fact that you could see my shoes better.  Little did I know that I was just missing the midi from my life!

Polka-Dot Fit & Flare Midi for Women
Old Navy
If you are unsure about the midi, here are 3 easy style tips:

The length is important.  Ideally, you want the dress to hit just past your knee, but above where the “juicy” part of your calf is. Or you want it just past the biggest part of your calf, a few inches above your ankle. Basically, you want to avoid the dress hem cutting into your calf for the most flattering fit.

Avoid wearing shoes that have a strap around the ankle. This will just make your legs appear longer without cutting it off visually.

Wear heels or a wedge. There is something about feeling taller that makes us stand straighter and feel more confident. Now, if you are like me, heels are saved for a special occasion.  I rarely wear them anymore these days, because… kids. But a block heel sandal or lower wedge is more comfortable and looks great with a midi!

3. Athleisure

I’ve talked about this one before because it’s not just a summer fashion trend, it’s a year-round one. We might all own a few “work out” clothes that we may or may not use to actually work out.  And there’s a good reason we have them, because they are SO comfortable.  How do we get away with wearing yoga pants everyday, and not looking frumpy?  

Take some inspiration from Grit & Zest, who specialize in athleisure style clothing for women.  Read more about exactly what “athleisure” means and how these pieces can do double duty in your wardrobe.  This season,  put those pieces to work and break down the barriers of casual only or work out only wear.

Athleisure Style

4. Bike Shorts

I’m aging myself here but I remember wearing these in the 90’s, in the spandex variety, with a bright neon stripe on the side and an oversized Looney Tunes tee shirt.

So when Kim Kardashian started sporting her signature bike shorts look recently, part of me was like “ew, no!” and another part of me was like, “okaaaay… maybe.”

Let me tell you something… THERE IS NO GOING BACK.

Bike shorts are the summer version of leggings! They are versatile, comfortable, perfect for playing with the kids, lightweight, basically The Best. Thing. Ever.

How do you wear them and not look ridiculous?
    • Dig in your husbands closet and “borrow” an oversized t-shirt (roll the sleeves for a more fashionable take)
    • Wear them with any tank top. Longer, shorter, cropped, fitted or flowy, you can’t go wrong.
    • Wear them with any of the shoe options mentioned above for a perfect every day look.
    • Wear it dressy.  Yes, bike shorts, with a blouse and longer blazer, pair with heels and voila! Perfection!
    • Layer. One of my favorite fashion tools. Layer on your tanktop, a denim shirt, or a flannel shirt, an oversized cardigan or a kimono.

If you are hesitant about this summer fashion trend, basically put on any outfit you normally would wear with black leggings and sub it out with a bermuda length bike short (bonus is that they are so inexpensive!)

Check out this post from Refinery29 for more inspiration!

5. Kimono

If there is ONE piece I couldn’t live without in summer, it is a great printed kimono! They are the easiest way to make an outfit.  It’s lighter than a sweater so you can stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days.  Pack light for your summer vacation this year because this versatile piece can be worn so many different ways.
Four different ways to wear it:
    • Over a tank top and jeans/jean shorts
    • As a bathing suit cover up
    • Over a little black dress
    • Belted and worn as a top

The Final Touch

Complete any of these looks with the perfect piece of jewelry.  Avoid heavy, layered chains this summer and opt for something light and minimal like this circle initial necklace from Sincerely Silver.  Wear it over a plain tank top and you instantly elevate your look while still feeling comfortable.  Use the code SINCERELY15 to get 15% off your perfect summer necklace! 

Circle Initial Necklace By Sincerely Silver
Get 15% off with code SINCERELY15 at

Summer is hard on a lot of women, moms or not, we tend to feel self conscious.  But when it’s hot outside, there is absolutely NO reason that we should have to hide or cover up. Wear the shorts. Put on your bathing suit. Find pieces that make you feel AMAZING! These are just my own personal spin on some fun summer fashion trends, and they should be just that, FUN!


Jess Sankar is a happily married stay-at-home mother of two young daughters.  She currently manages the Running in Triangles Instagram page @running_in_triangles, where she shares self care tips for moms and creates beautiful content for both the blog and social media.  To learn more about Jess, click here.

How to Avoid Frumpy Mom Fashion This Spring

Fashion can be a great form of self care for moms.

The “uniform of motherhood” has been associated with frumpy mom fashion for far too long.  Putting time and effort into functional, comfortable fashion is not a sign of vanity but actually a way that moms can practice self care.  Not only does it allow a mother to focus on herself for a change, but it can encourage good self-esteem and boost a mom’s confidence, which is great for her mental health.  

Check out some of these tips for avoiding frumpy mom fashion this spring.
How To Avoid Frumpy Mom Fashion This Spring
This post contains affiliate and/or paid links which means that if you click on one of these links and buy a product, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Rest assured that I only recommend products that I love from companies that I trust.
How To Avoid Frumpy Mom Fashion This Spring

Comfortable can still mean fashionable, there is no need to sport frumpy mom fashion this season.  If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your mom wardrobe here are a few things to try!

“Ath-Leisure” Style

This look is my favorite new trend we are seeing everywhere and it’s already what most moms are wearing anyway.

Think workout clothes minus the actual working out.

It consists of super-soft, comfy, cozy, throw on and go pieces such as leggings and sweatshirts, hoodies and runners. (Awesome right?!)

But “athleisure” is not just for errands.  These grown up play clothes can easily transition to casual dinners out, coffee with the girls, and perfect for travelling comfortably and still in style.  It’s an easy way to replace the frumpy mom fashion, without losing any amount of comfort. 

These super soft shirts from Shine the Light On are perfect for the athleisure style.  And by wearing them, you’re helping to spread awareness about mental health!  Get 15% off using the code RUNINTRIANGLES15.


To implement this look or update your current pieces, look for:

  • Striped, color blocked or patterned tights.
  • A flattering shaped hoodie.  (I personally love a slightly cropped boxy hoodie in a super soft fleece.)
  • A classic notched v sweatshirt. (Either plain or something with a saying is also pretty on trend.)
  • A windbreaker. (Yes, you read that right but this little extra layer is everywhere right now, and its such an easy piece to replace when you would wear a jean jacket.)
  • The fashion sneaker is still a great basic. (Choose either a fabric mix or a slip on.)
Athleisure featuring Grit & Zest

Switch From a Purse to a Backpack Bag

It’s been just over 6 months since I converted from a cross-body bag to my leather backpack and let me tell you, there is no going back! Since my youngest is still in diapers, my purse doubles as a diaper bag and endless snack sack. I love that I can throw everything I need in it and wear it comfortably while I chase my kids around. Backpacks are still very popular and I love the convenience.

Matt & Nat Backpack by Boes

Avoid frumpy mom fashion by choosing the right bag so that you can look trendy and still be functional.  My recommendation would be to find one with good zippers and padded straps. Having an outside pocket is also handy to have easy access to keys and cellphone.

5 Spring Fashion Must-Haves for Busy Moms

Updated Footwear

Jump in Puddles

The slushy season is about to start (fingers crossed our huge snow hills will actually melt) with that comes PUDDLES! There is almost nothing I hate quite as much as the feeling of wet socks!  Our kids love tromping around in their bright colored rain boots, and what’s better than being able to join them?  I find the taller, standard boots to be too bulky and can come off as frumpy mom fashion.  So instead, I love the look of this sleek shorter rain boot as a transition shoe for the spring.

product photo
Ankle Rain Boot – Old Navy

Sneakers Are fashionable

Tying back in the “athleisure” style, sneakers are perfect with any look. Pair them with, of course jeans or leggings, but don’t be scared to wear them with a dress for a total cool girl vibe (read: I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom)You can never go wrong with a classic pair of Vans.

Loafers Are The New Ballet Flat

Move over ballet flat, the loafer is going to be your new BFF.  In place of ballet flats for a slightly dressier look, these comfortable shoes go great with a pair of skinny jeans!

How To Avoid Frumpy Mom Fashion This Spring

Switch Up Your Jewelry


For a super long time I was strictly a stud girl when it came to earrings but lately I am addicted to hoops! I feel like they are the ultimate “lazy girl who wants to look put together” life hack.

Wearing leggings and a t-shirt but don’t want to look like you are going to the gym?  Hoops.

Wearing a printed dress that feels a little too cutesy and you want to give it a little oomph?  Hoops!

Small hoops, medium hoops or big ones, I think they look good on everyone.  This is also a super easy way to look dressed up when your hair is tied back in that mom bun or ponytail. Throw on some hoops and lipstick and you are good to go!

Bar Necklaces

I personally have never been a fan of traditional “mom” jewelry. You know which ones I mean, the hearts with MOM in the center or the rings with everyone’s birthstone. I feel like they fall into the frumpy mom fashion category.

But this “be kind” bar necklace takes the trend of dainty and delicate jewelry and personalizes it.  The simple message can make a mental health fashion statement so that you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside.  It’s a great piece to wear with just a T-shirt or layer it with other chains for a fancier look. 

Plus, get 15% off with coupon code FRIENDS15 at

Be Kind Necklace by Sincerely Silver
Be Kind Necklace by Sincerely Silver

I hope that any of these tips or ideas inspire you to try something new this spring season.

Many of us spend time and money making sure our kids have the appropriate clothing and shoes for the new season, but it’s time to put ourselves on that list too.  Find out how to create a self care routine so that you prioritize yourself too. 


Jess Sankar is a happily married stay-at-home mother of two young daughters.  She currently manages the Running in Triangles Instagram page @running_in_triangles, where she shares self care tips for moms and creates beautiful content for both the blog and social media.  To learn more about Jess, click here.