Everything You Need For Planning a Gender Reveal Party

In the last few years, having a gender reveal party has become all the rage. Finding out the sex of your baby is nothing short of exciting. And unlike a baby shower, you can have a gender reveal to celebrate each pregnancy! Once you read about everything you need for planning a gender reveal party, you can throw yours without stress.

Everything You Need for Planning a Gender Reveal Party
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Plan a Reveal 

Before you can plan the party, you’ll need to schedule an ultrasound so you can have the big reveal. When you do this, tell the sonographer of your plans, and ask them to write the gender down. Then, keep that note in a sealed envelope and give it to your trusted co-planner.   Your co-planner is the only person at the party who should know the gender. For the reveal itself, you have many options: 

    • Reveal cake: Order a gender reveal cake with blue or pink frosting on the inside. 
    • Balloon Box: Have a large box packed with blue or pink balloons. When you and your partner open it, they’ll float out. 
    • Reveal balloon: Have a helium balloon filled with pink or blue sand for you and your partner to pop.  

Your options are open to whatever you want, so get creative with what you pick!  

Decide On a Theme 

Every great party has a theme. If you want to go with a color scheme, consider having blue and pink decorations. Find creative ways to reflect this theme through food and drinks as well.  

Remember, everything should tie back to your theme. So, if you want a theme centered around the beach or summer, consider including some gender-neutral baby basics for summer to home in on your party’s feel. You could add mini sunscreens, beachballs, sunglasses, and maybe even a swimsuit for both genders! 

Another popular theme is “What Will It Bee?” and blending bee-themed decorations with baby décor. There aren’t many restrictions on themes, so get creative and have fun with it! 

Plan Some Entertainment 

Once you’ve established a theme, it’s time to plan party games. For example, you could do guessing games where guests have to predict the gender! But if you want to get sentimental, then ask your friends and family to write notes to your future baby that you’ll someday share. 

Document Everything 

A list of everything you need for planning a gender reveal partyis incomplete without mentioning photographs. Ask someone to take pictures of the big day. With all the excitement, it may feel like a whirlwind. But when you get a chance to relax, and it’s just you, your partner, and the baby, you’ll want to reflect on these beautiful memories. 

With the perfect plan, you can make your gender reveal party a blast for you and the guests. Take time to get creative; you can have fun and reflect your theme in the menu, invitations, and décor. And remember you can ask for help, this party is fun and shouldn’t cause you any extra stress!  

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The Pros and Cons of a Combined Sibling Birthday Party

If you’re like me then you’re lucky (?) enough to have three kids whose birthdays are less than a month apart.
The pros and cons of combined sibling birthday parties
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When baby #2 was born only three weeks after my first child’s 2nd birthday, I had mixed feelings about them sharing a birthday party.  And then my third child turned up only two days after my first child’s 5th birthday so there was almost no avoiding celebrating their birthdays together… at least for a little while.

Dreamworks Trolls Inspired Birthday Party
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Our first combined sibling birthday party was shortly after we moved almost 900 kilometers away from home and all of our family.  We decided to host the party back in our hometown so it made sense to combine the celebration and save us having to make two trips in.

sibling birthday party
Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed 1st & 3rd Birthdays – 2013

While this is still one of the main reasons we choose to do a combined sibling birthday party (despite now only living 200 kilometers away), there are several pros and cons that we take into consideration each year. 


The date is flexible.

Since it’s not a celebration of one specific day, it becomes more of a “birthday season.”  We’ve had our parties anywhere from a few days before or after, to a month away from their actual birth dates!

Bigger is better!

One big party can be easier than trying to throw several small ones.  I tend to go overboard on the party planning and wouldn’t even know how to throw a “small” party.


www.partycity.ca is my go-to website for party related decor items and game props.  They have a huge selection of themes and color schemes and I’ve always been able to count on them to have something specific that I need for a great price! 

www.etsy.com is my favorite place to shop for custom invitations and downloadable printables!  I’ve purchased everything from party decor to costumes on Etsy and absolutely LOVE the personalized service!

www.amazon.ca is a lifesaver for situations when I need something that I can’t find in a store! And even if I can find it, I always price check on amazon first!

It’s a one time effort.

Party planning is exciting (at least for me it is).  When I know there’s a party coming up, I go all in and put in as much effort as my budget will allow.  But if I had to do it several times in a year, I’m sure that either my effort or my budget would run out by the time the last one rolled around.

Theme parties FTW!

Finding a theme for a combined sibling birthday party can be a challenge but with so many options – it’s actually a lot of fun!  Our most recent theme was based on the Dreamworks Trolls movie but we’ve also done one inspired by The Minions Movie (for our three little minions) and Mickey & Minnie (our first one for our son and daughter).

sibling birthday party
Minions themed 1st, 4th & 6th Birthdays – 2016
No one gets jealous.

Since all the kids get to be part of the celebration, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of one child being jealous seeing their sibling get presents and cake and attention.

Everyone gets a gift!

When we were young, my grandmother always bought presents for each grandchild, no matter who’s birthday it was.  It was one thing we could always count on – and we knew that no matter how jealous we felt about not getting to be the center of attention – we would at least get something from grandma.  So I’m glad my three kids each have gifts to open together.

There’s room for new traditions.

Having a separate party means being able to do something special on each child’s actual birthday.  There are so many creative ways to start a new birthday tradition in your family!

It’s easier on the guests.

While your children are young, all of their guest lists will likely be the same – family and close friends.  Having one party means those guests won’t feel obligated to attend several different parties throughout the year.

Group gifts become an option.

A combined sibling birthday party provides an opportunity for guests to go in on larger group gifts together that your children wouldn’t normally receive.


There’s no individual attention.

Each child won’t get individual attention at their birthday party and may harbor resentment towards their siblings for always having to share the spotlight.  This may bother some kids more than others, but know that combined sibling birthday parties won’t last forever.

Finding the right theme can be tricky.

The kids may have a hard time agreeing on one theme, especially when they’re into different things.  Finding a common color scheme can be difficult and the older the kids get, the more opinionated they become.  The age gap between them can also have affect which themes are appropriate.

sibling birthday party
Dreamworks Trolls 2nd, 5th & 7th Birthdays – 2017
It’s just one and done.

Once the sibling birthday party is over, there isn’t anything new to look forward to for the rest of the year.  It can be depressing when “birthday season” is over, similar to post-Christmas depression.

In some families, or large circles of extended family and close friends, birthday parties become one of the few reasons to get together throughout the year.  Having only one party means there aren’t as many opportunities for celebrations.

Parties don’t grow on trees.

It can be financially straining to pull off one really BIG party once a year instead of several smaller ones scattered throughout the year.  Considering what time of the year the birthdays fall can also impact the budget.  Anything close to Christmas is almost always doomed…

The “happy birthday” song plays on repeat.

No matter what options you choose for a cake (individual cakes, group cake, cupcakes) you will always have to sing “Happy Birthday” more than once.

The gifting situation…

It can be a burden on your guests to have to bring gifts for several children as opposed to just one.

The children may come to expect that they will ALWAYS get presents when their siblings do (or other children) and it will take away an opportunity to help them work through their jealousy.

Kids may receive “one gift for all of you to share.”

I know the day will come when my children will beg me for their own birthday party and I will graciously oblige…
… but until that day…

we will party like it’s Christmas in April!

Dreamworks Trolls themed birthday party for three kids
Minion Themed sibling birthday party for three kids
Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed brother and sister birthday party

Dreamworks Trolls Inspired Birthday Party Decorations

The Dreamworks Trolls movie makes an awesome kids birthday party theme.

For my three children’s annual birthday bash, we decided to throw a Dreamworks Trolls party.  The movie had just come out, and they were all excited about the colors, the characters and the music.  With the recent release of Dreamworks Trolls World Tour, these rainbow themed decorations would also be a perfect fit.  

Here’s some inspiration for you to create your own colorful Dreamworks Trolls party!
Dreamworks Trolls Party Decorations 1
*This post contains affiliate and/or paid links which means that if you click on one of these links and buy a product, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Rest assured that I only recommend products that I love from companies that I trust.
Plastic Tablecloth Ceiling Canopy and Backdrops DIY Ceiling Canopy Tutorial

I will admit that this year was quite tame in comparison to past parties we’ve done.  And by “we” I don’t mean my husband and I, although he always graciously goes along with whatever crazy overboard plans I get in my head and knows better than to tell me to “take it easy.”  No, I’m talking about my two sister-in-laws who share my passion and extravagance when it comes to party planning.  

But in an effort to keep things small this year, I took on the party planning by myself.  And while I didn’t have the luxury of their help this time, I can’t exactly say that I flew solo because my 4 year old had a lot of input and devoted her afternoons to helping me make decorations out of tissue paper.

My quest for the perfect theme party started as it always does – Pinterest.  There I found inspiration and tutorials for decorations, food, cakes and games and filled my board with anything that fit the theme. [Click here to follow my Trolls Birthday Party Pinterest Board]

And what actually came together was this…


A Trolls party means rainbows and bright colors.   In an effort to save money on decorations, I opted for making a big impact with the cheapest supplies I could find- tissue paper and plastic tablecloths.  I also decided on doing printables rather than buying ready made banners and games. It was a bit more work, but as a stay-at-home-mom who loves crafting, it was worth it for me.

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Rainbow Tissue Paper Tassels

This was tedious and time consuming to make but it had a huge impact and added tons of color throughout the house! I made the tassels little by little over the span of a few days and was surprised at how many it added up to when they were all hung.  In total I did two dozen of each color and was able to create a garland that was roughly 16 feet long and wrapped around my entire dining room!

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Clouds

Rainbow Tissue Paper Tassels with White Cloud Pom Poms

Of course what’s a rainbow without a few white puffy clouds to dot the ends?  I made white tissue paper pom poms in three different sizes and grouped them in the corners where I hung the garland.  Command hooks worked the best to hang both the poms and the garland on the wall and I used thumbtacks for the ones that were attached to the ceiling.

    • Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on making the tissue paper pom poms in various sizes from Two Twenty One. 
    • Take it a step further and decorate the clouds like Cloud Guy!

Plastic Tablecloth Ceiling Canopy

This rainbow ceiling canopy was made by using six cheap plastic tablecloths from the dollar store.  It’s impressive scale gave our party area such a unique and beautiful look.  In fact, we all loved the way it looked so much that it hung in our living room for months after the party!


How To Make It:

    • Open all the tablecloths and lay them across the floor lengthwise in the order you want them to be (ex. the colors of the rainbow).
    • Next, gather all the tablecloths on one end and tie them together with some string or an elastic band. 
    • Tie the gathered end to your center point using string.  (I used our light fixture, but you can hang them from any chandelier, or a hook with balloons, etc.)
    • Decide how wide you want your canopy to be and attach some double sided tape to the length of it. (I hung ours over a bay window, but you could spread it out across a single wall too.)
    • Taking one tablecloth at a time, press it against the double sided tape, ruffling them slightly as you go.  It does NOT have to be perfect, just pinch a small section and stick and so on. 
    • In order to make sure that your tablecloths are evenly spaced, start with the middle and work your way out.  If you’re really concerned about the spacing, measure and mark your walls before starting. Thankfully this canopy is very forgiving and slight differences aren’t easily noticed.
    • Make sure not to pull the tablecloths too tight.  Let it hang down a little bit to give it a nice draped effect. 
    • Once you’ve finished sticking all the tablecloths, trim the excess off to give it an even look. You can even add another layer starting from under the ceiling drape to cover a bare wall. 

Since this Trolls party, I’ve done more ceiling canopies, including a few other parties I’ve decorated for my nieces.  Here are a few examples:

Frozen Theme Party Ceiling Canopy
Frozen Theme Party Ceiling Canopy and Backdrop with Snowflakes
My Little Pony Party Ceiling Canopy
My Little Pony Party Ceiling Canopy and Backdrop

Printed Trolls Characters

Trolls Printables

I wanted to make sure that the Trolls party theme was evident, and not just a generic rainbow party.  The kids always got so excited to see Trolls party decorations at the stores, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a tacky party banner.  I searched for a way to make the Trolls party come alive that was within the budget. 

    • I bought a downloadable clipart package on EtsyI inserted different pictures of each Trolls character into a Word document and printed them on card stock at our local Copy & Print Center (or you could use Canva).
    • Then, I simply hung them up with twine and clothespins across one wall.  I love the way they turned out, and the kids were so excited to see their favorite Trolls characters hanging up on display. 


In addition to the beautiful decorations, we played a few Trolls party games.  Since it was a combined sibling birthday party, we had kids of various ages there.  Trying to find activities that would engage all of them and yet be fair was a challenge.  I splurged on a Trolls pull string pinata and candy because I didn’t have time to DIY one.  Some of the other games we played included unwrap the prize ball, freeze dance and other musical games to the Trolls Soundtrack, and Trolls party bingo. 

Trolls Party Bingo

Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards And Calling Cards

I downloaded this free printable Trolls bingo game from Best Toys for Kids and it was a huge hit!  I again trusted my friends at our local Copy & Print Center to print and laminate it and they did not disappoint!  I even forgot to specify that it needed to be cut into pieces but they took care of all of that for me and the end result was a very professional looking bingo game.

    • Laminating the set is completely optional, but I felt like it was something my kids could play over and over again so I paid the extra for it (and it wasn’t much anyway). 
    • Use small candies as Bingo markers (we used M&M’s) and then whoever gets BINGO gets to eat their line!