How To Safely Decorate Your Nursery 

If you’re like a lot of expecting moms today, one of your favorite parts of pregnancy is getting to decorate the nursery. Inspiration abounds for creating an Instagram-worthy space. Will you go minimalist, traditional, modern, or a little bit of everything? Do you want to choose a theme of woodland animals, or do you want to emphasize layers of neutrals?

Whatever the case, planning the baby’s room offers a perfect nesting opportunity and lets you showcase your own personal style. The only problem? Decorating typically starts with paint, and paint fumes can be bothersome for pregnant women.   

If you’re itching to breathe new life into the nursery but hesitant about paint exposure, you’re not alone—but there’s good news. You can totally transform a former guest room or office into a nursery without any harsh chemicals involved. How? To find inspiration for safe possibilities to set up the perfect nursery space, keep reading.  

How to Safely Decorate Your Nursery
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How to Safely Decorate Your Nursery

Alternative Ways To Create Beautiful Walls 

While paint transforms a room, so do lots of other decorating tools, including those without harmful ingredients. To beautify the walls of your baby’s room, consider these great alternatives: 

Large artwork

Find a print or painting large enough, and you can make a major decorating statement in the baby’s room. Oversized art is not only perfect for injecting your taste into a room, but it’s also natural way to cover walls you can’t paint. 

Removable wallpaper

Today’s modern wallpaper designs go far beyond your grandma’s vintage styleThey also can be removable, allowing for you to easily switch up the décor down the road as your baby grows.  

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A hanging tapestry

Not only can a tapestry impart an elegant or bohemian vibe to a room, but also its woven quality adds to the layers of texture in your décor.  


Removable decals make it possible to accessorize walls with anything from star shapes to animal images to gold polka dots. 

A large gallery wall

Similar to the idea of large artwork, a collected gallery of pictures visually functions as a unified whole. It’s also a great way to turn your favorite images, from treasured family photos to meaningful art pieces, into a nursery focal point.  

Any of these ideas is a smart, paint-free way to decorate the nursery walls. That said, you can set a nursery’s style without having to hang anything. If you want to skip working the walls entirely, look for decorating options in other parts of the room.  

Thinking Beyond Wall Decorating 

Another way to skip the paint problem is to focus your decorating attention elsewhere. Create a show-stopping nursery with a different kind of focal point or color feature, be it a showpiece crib or custom curtains. Here are some possibilities you might enjoy: 

 A large rug

Whether you want to go soothing neutral or bold color, a large rug offers potential for grounding all the rest of your design. Shop around for a style you’re crazy about, and let it dictate decisions for the rest of the room.  

Eye-catching window treatments

Few features elevate a room’s style like drapes. One way to decorate the nursery without paint is to focus on the window treatments.  Dress your windows with full and fashionable curtains and transform the space. 

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Colorful furniture

Wall color isn’t the only way to define a nursery’s color scheme. Consider brightly colored furniture, such as a painted dresser, a color in a compelling hue, or a bookcase displaying rows of children’s books as if they’re artwork. 


Throw pillows, blankets, crib sheets, or layered rugs all create coziness and comfort in a room, making them perfect for a baby’s space. In terms of style setting, they also come in all kinds of colors and patterns to suit every taste. 

Getting ready for a new baby involves all kinds of decisions, but when it comes time to decorate the nursery, it should be fun! If you’re looking to revive a room without painting, use the ideas above to create a room you’re jazzed to give your little one.

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