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If you are a brand or small business owner looking to promote your products, Running in Triangles welcomes the opportunity to work with you!

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Guest Posting

Running in Triangles is currently looking for guest posts in the following categories:
    • Maternal Mental Health including Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, Postpartum Psychosis, Postpartum OCD, Postpartum PTSD.
    • Self Care
    • Natural Wellness
    • Breastfeeding
    • Pregnancy & Postpartum
    • Sleep Training for Babies
    • Sleep for Moms
    • Endometriosis & Maternal Chronic Pain

*Additional topic suggestions will be considered on an individual basis.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

    • All guest posts are unpaid.
    • Blog posts must be between 500 – 2000 words and will be edited for aesthetic and grammar.
    • Authors must include a short bio (photo optional) which may contain 1 “follow” link to their blog/website (plus social media handles if applicable).
    • Additional links may be included for clarification purposes only and will be used at the discretion of Running in Triangles.  Links to commercial websites or for advertising purposes are subject to a fee – more information about purchasing links is available on the Running in Triangles Media Kit & Price List (see above).
    • Images may be provided and used with permission (source credited) or stock images will be used instead.
    • Running in Triangles reserves the right to create branded images (with the Running in Triangles logo and/or URL) for use on the blog and social media.
If you are interested in collaborating or submitting a guest post, please submit the form below or email vanessa@runningintriangles.com