Parenting Tips: How To Teach Toddlers About Science

Learning about science is important to a child’s growth as a young individual. Not only does it help them develop key life skills like observation, but it also provides them with a better understanding of the natural world we all live in. Plus, this can spark an interest that may eventually lead to a career path as your little one grows. We’ve outlined the best ways to teach toddlers about science so you can help your child make discoveries.

How To Teach Toddlers About Science
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Encourage Questions

At some point, just about every toddler goes through the “why” phase where they question everything. Encourage questioning while also providing answers they’ll understand. By asking questions, your little one seeks out knowledge of concepts they don’t yet understand. While giving answers does give them what they want, it can also spark a desire to learn more. By understanding a subject, it’s easier to feel confident in learning more about it.

Pro Tip

No matter how old you are, there’s no such thing as a silly question. We ask things because we want clarification on what we don’t understand in every aspect of life. When your little one has a question, reinforce their inquisitive behavior to help build their confidence.

Instill a Love for Nature

Encourage your child to love the outside world like plants, animals, and even dinosaurs. These are a part of nature, and a fascination with prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs encourages a child to learn about our planet and ask questions. This may even lead to an exciting trip to the museum where you get a closer look at the fascinating dinosaurs of the Triassic Period plus other creatures living during the Mesozoic Era.

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Allow Them To Make Mistakes

Another tip on how to teach toddlers about science is to remind your child that it’s okay to make mistakes. Kids learn through experimenting, so give them the tools they need to do this and enable them to test things. If your toddler is building a tall tower with blocks, allow it to topple over; this helps them detect where things went wrong as they search out answers independently.

Experiment Together

What’s more fun than a science experiment? As your toddler begins grasping the fascinating world of science, they may want to test out new theories while forming ideas. You can also encourage this by doing fun activities together.

For example, you can teach your child about chemistry by mixing classic baking soda and vinegar. Science is fascinating, especially to toddlers learning about the incredible world around them.

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