Postpartum Depression Guest Post Series 2018

Here you will find guest post submissions from bloggers and amateur writers who have bravely chosen to share their own personal stories of battling postpartum depression, anxiety and other maternal mental health conditions.

Speaking up about postpartum depression is so important to bring awareness and help eliminate the stigma that surrounds this common condition.  Women often keep silent on the topic because they are afraid of being judged, so I invite you to read these stories with an open mind and heart.

Please feel free to comment on or share any of the stories that touch you in the hopes of reaching out to a soul that might be struggling silently.

To submit your own postpartum depression story for publishing, please click here for more information.

The Running in Triangles Guest Post Series

Renee's Postpartum Depression Story
Breastfeeding problems can contribute to postpartum depression in a variety of different ways.  Often, we think of moms who are
It's common to be in denial about postpartum depression at first. Meg from My Mom's a Nerd blamed her postpartum
Kyleen was not able to breastfeed
The pressure to breastfeed is a common trigger for postpartum depression. Kyleen is a mother who felt the pressure to
Kyleen Had Postpartum Depression
It's never easy to admit when we are struggling, especially when it comes to postpartum depression.  Kyleen knew that she
Tessa's Postpartum Depression Story
Sometimes, the most basic tasks can be insurmountable when battling postpartum depression. For many mothers, basic self care and ventures
Intrusive thoughts and postpartum anxiety aren't discussed nearly as often as postpartum depression is. In a lot of cases, mothers
Elizabeth's Postpartum Depression Story
Keeping silent about postpartum depression helps no one. This is becoming more and more evident as new generations of women
postpartum depression and divorce
Postpartum depression can often affect marriages and relationships. Some couples are able to come through the darkness even stronger, but
Jennifer's Postpartum Depression Story
Becoming a mother for the first time is a huge undertaking that many women are not prepared for. The baby
Katelyn's Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Story
Women with postpartum depression and anxiety need to know that there is hope for a brighter future. Katelyn suffered from
Julia's Postpartum Depression Story
Not everyone believes that postpartum depression is a real disease. Julia was raised to believe that mental illness was something
Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Following Infertility
It's common for women to suffer from postpartum depression following unplanned pregnancies, leaving them to think that they were not
The first few moments after birth are essential to a mother's ability to bond with their baby. So what happens
Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and OCD
It's common for women to experience symptoms of postpartum depression, anxiety and OCD all at once.  It can be hard
One Mother's Battle with Postpartum Depression
This guest post is an extra special one in the Postpartum Depression Guest Post Series because it comes from a
Postpartum Depression following a premature delivery
This story about postpartum depression following a premature birth was submitted by Sara from Growing as a Mom. Premature deliveries
Postpartum Depression and Grief
Adrienne from Peace of Mom talks about grief and postpartum depression. Grief and loss are one of the biggest triggers
Struggling with Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Postpartum Depression
Kisha Gulley of The Kisha Project shares her story of the struggles that left her feeling less than joyous after
A Young Mother's Fight Against Postpartum Depression
Here is a heartfelt and emotional postpartum depression story by Kara Wellman Kara's struggle will resonate with a lot of
Prenatal & Postpartum Depression - Vanessa's Story
This is my own, personal story about struggling with prenatal and postpartum depression. My postpartum depression story begins with the
The Ultimate Collection of Postpartum Depression Stories Online
I am a huge believer in telling our postpartum depression stories and talking about maternal mental health disorders.   Mothers should

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