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Submit a Postpartum Depression Story for publishing on Running in Triangles

If you have postpartum depression – Running in Triangles wants you to share your story!

Whether or not you’re a writer, sharing the details of your battle with postpartum depression, or other maternal mental health disorder, can be extremely therapeutic, both for yourself and for others who might think they’re the only ones feeling this way.

Submit a your postpartum depression story to

Submit a your postpartum depression story to

Please use the guidelines below to submit your story for publishing. If you have any further questions, please e-mail


The posts will be published throughout 2018.

The deadline for submission is December 18 2018

Anonymous submissions will be accepted

Posts must be between 500 – 2000 words and will be edited for grammar, aesthetic and privacy purposes if required.

Post titles will be published in the following format: [First Name]’s Postpartum Depression Story. (In the event of an anonymous submission – the title will read “One Mother’s Postpartum Depression Story)

Affiliate links may be added at the discretion of Running in Triangles.

Images may be submitted and used with permission or stock photos will be used instead.

Running in Triangles reserves the right to create branded images for use on the blog and social media.  The branded images will retain the Running in Triangles URL as well as the author’s name and URL (if specified).

This is an unpaid opportunity.  All link backs to websites provided will be “follow” links.

All guest posts will be published for viewing here [Postpartum Depression Guest Post Series 2018]

How to submit a post:

Step 1:

Download this free PDF workbook to help you organize your thoughts about your postpartum depression journey.

Step 2:

Write your story.  You can include whatever details you feel are important.  There is no right or wrong way to tell YOUR story.

Step 3:

Complete the following form to submit your post.

Thank you for sharing your story!