Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression symptoms can be triggered by different factors, making the recovery process much longer than it needs to be.
There seems to be a significant connection between breastfeeding and postpartum depression. Many women who have been diagnosed with postpartum
The new postpartum depression drug, Brexanolone (a.k.a Zulresso) is a huge step forward for maternal mental health care, so why
How long does postpartum depression last? Seven years.  That's how long I have personally battled postpartum depression.  I've tried all
With the variety of different online resources available to moms with postpartum depression and/or anxiety, how do you know which
With the baby blues occurring in nearly 80% of postpartum mothers, it can be hard to tell whether or not
Everyday, mothers battle against postpartum depression.  And like with any war, there will be some casualties along the way. It's
With more and more information about postpartum depression readily available to new moms, will they take the time to read
Our mental health struggles evolve with the seasons. Throughout the year, our mental health will go through a series of
Happy New Year! I'm not normally the type of person to make New Year's resolutions but there is just something
We are all incredible people, no matter what our journey is with postpartum depression. Some women who end up with
It's natural to feel like hibernating when cold weather comes along, but it can also be a symptom of something
The postpartum period is often synonymous with sleep deprivation... But it's usually caused by a hungry newborn. If that baby isn't
Have you ever thought about having to talk to your kids about postpartum depression? When I was first diagnosed with
Writing about scary thoughts and feelings has several great benefits for a mother struggling from a perinatal mood and anxiety
Postpartum depression, like many mental illnesses, has a way of making a woman feel suicidal.  For a person who has
Too many mothers with postpartum depression or anxiety put off seeking help or getting the care they need.  One reason
Yoga is known for it's amazing mood boosting and stress reducing benefits. Using yoga for postpartum depression can help to
Scary and intrusive thoughts are a common symptom of postpartum depression. Intrusive thoughts lead many women to believe that they
Despite being considered a mental illness, there are several physical symptoms of postpartum depression that can also plague mothers.  The