Not all women instantly enjoy being pregnant, some need additional motivation. There’s little doubt that being pregnant is one of
We are big believers that busy moms can still have functional and fashionable wardrobes. When it comes to winter fashion,
Mobile ultrasounds are a great way to beat a case of anxiety for expectant mothers. Many women choose to get
Let's be honest, when it's your first pregnancy, you are showered with gifts and attention and the spotlight is always
So far, I have spent almost 2 years of my life being pregnant. I am now 22 weeks pregnant with
Ever considered using a doula to help you through labor and delivery? There are so many benefits of doulas, and
Congratulations, you're expecting! Finding out that you’re pregnant is an incredibly exciting, but also terrifying moment, especially if it’s the
Practicing self care during pregnancy can benefit moms as well as their growing babies. Expectant mothers have a lot on
Nine months of pregnancy goes by faster than we think. These maternity photo shoot ideas submitted by Madison from MILK
New moms often find themselves in a vulnerable state - physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, many people don't see the vulnerability
Having a miscarriage can be one of the most heartbreaking and devastating moments in a mother's life. At the time,
There is a lot of information available about what is safe and unsafe to do while pregnant.  The conflicting information
Snoring during pregnancy is something that many women experience, even if they've never had a problem with snoring before.  The
A postpartum doula is a newer trend in postpartum care but offers many benefits for new mothers. The term doula
If you're not familiar with the term precipitous labor, it means a labor that lasts less than 3 hours from
Is it even possible to eat while suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum? The answer is... SORT OF.  With the right hyperemesis gravidarum
Hyperemesis gravidarum, or HG for short, is a condition that affects less than 3% of pregnant women but can have
The pregnancy symptom that has been making headlines is one that I have personally experienced not once or twice but
I was blessed with having fast labors. Or so I am told...  Each of my three children was born in