7 Mom-Approved Apps That Kids Love

Responsible parents choose everything wisely for their kids because they know the effect of their choices on their kid’s future. The digital world requires more limitations such as dad and mom-approved apps. Although it has some cool impacts on many aspects of life, it is highly recommended to keep a close eye on children’s use of mobile phones.

These limitations can include the time spent on mobile to which apps kids engage with.  So a mom can build her child’s life based on some good choices. 

This article contains mom-approved apps which are both fun and educational for kids. But before we jump into these games you might be a mom and also a developer so here you can find a good article talking about designing amazing apps for kids.

7 Mom-Approved Apps that Kids Love
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Endless Alphabet

Download: iOS | Android

Endless Alphabet is an engaging vocabulary and spelling application. Each phrase is an engaging puzzle with audible letters, and there are hundreds of words to pick from.

Pick a word, and it will appear in simple letters on a notebook sheet. Adorable tiny monsters rush across the screen, spreading a second set of brightly colored creature letters over the page. When you tap a letter creature, it makes the letter sound. 

Drop the letter to its corresponding position in the original word. You’ll hear an “uh-uh” sound if you put it in the wrong position. After you’ve correctly spelled the term, you’ll be given an animated definition. There are no time limitations or high scores in this program, so your kids may study at their own speed.

Kids are still engaged and laughing after months of playing because of the visuals and goofy letter sounds. This software is available in a free version with advertising and a limited quantity of words.

Roll the Ball

Download: iOS | Android

Roll the Ball is a sliding puzzle game that teaches key problem solving skills to older children. The idea is simple: slide the blocks together to provide a route for your ball to go down to the finish line.

The riddles begin simple and become more challenging as you go. On each stage, strive for a flawless 3-star rating. There are no fines or time limits, so take your time with each problem.

Roll the Ball is a free game with advertising that appears when each task is solved. For $1.99, you can buy in-app extras like Ad-Free and suggestions.
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HOMER Learn & Grow

Download: iOS | Android

Mom-approved apps like HOMER offer a wide variety of different learning modules that kids will always find engaging. To create a user profile for each child, enter their age and complete a series of questions about their hobbies and current reading degree.  Mathematics, stories, creativity, songs, reading, games, and practice are among the seven categories from which children can pick. 

The reading section places children on a tailored reading route that offers skills and activities to teach letters, phonics, and other concepts in a progressive manner.

For instance, children can acquire phonics skills and then record themselves pronouncing the words. Kids can choose from a variety of activities in the other zones, such as music video content, coloring chapters, and alphabet writing exercise, puzzles, and storybooks.

HOMER Learn & Grow is an evidence-based reading method that enables up to four children to customize their learning degrees and preferences.
Narratives, pronunciation lessons, songs, their own recorded conversations, drawing, and other activities can help children develop skills.

Although reading is the concentration of HOMER Learn & Grow, there are games that cover other early learning topics such as fundamental mathematics principles and creativity. With the app’s vocal instructions and visual tutorial, after a while, pre-readers can easily use it individually.

Stack the States 2

Download: iOS | Android

As you learn about US geography, Stack the States 2 delivers the 50 states to live. This app’s initial phase consists of a 50-state roleplaying game.

Earn a state by answering the questions properly. The objective is to gather as many states as possible and build them on top of one another while avoiding tipping the stack over.

You’ve finished the level when your stack hits the checkered line. You get a new state on your customized geography of the United States with each level you finish. The free extra games become available as you win more states.

Tiny Hands Sorting 3

Download: iOS 

Tiny Hands Sorting 3 is a collection of sorting activities for small hands. There are 12 levels in the playing area, ranging from beginner to challenging.

Just a few of the exciting activities included in these mom-approved apps involve: sorting shapes by size, sorting monkeys, flying animals, and hedgehogs into like groups, counting to three, and sorting cute little beetles.

Your kids might become so pleased with themselves when they perfectly organize everything that they exclaim “I did it” and clap enthusiastically whenever they use this app. This game’s free edition only covers the first 3 levels.

You can test this game with these 3 levels and find out whether your kid is happy with it or not. Once they accomplish those levels, you can pay $4.99 for the other nine levels.

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Hay Day

Download: iOS | Android | PC

Hay Day appears to be a basic farm simulator in which kids grow crops, care for animals, and earn money while keeping their farm operating smoothly.
The app’s difficulty, on the other hand, makes it ideal for learning time management and organizing skills for kids with executive function issues.

If your child wishes to earn a profit, they’ll need to combine their production with their development, keep track of different crop timetables, and learn to prioritize specific items to maximize income. In a compelling game that will keep their interest, they’ll learn fundamental money management abilities while also boosting executive functions.

Balloon Pop

Download: iOS | Android | Amazon Apps

The concept is quick and easy: balloons gently float up the display, and you may explode them by touching them.

There are four different game modes to choose from: regular, ABCs, figures 1-20, and color combinations. To hear the letters, numbers, and hues, explode the balloons.  Decide how big and quickly (or slow) the balloons float past to keep the children engaged and the game interesting.

There are no ads in the free version of these mom-approved apps. For $2.99, you can have the complete version. In the balloons, there are additional details.

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