Different Kinds of Baby Showers Every Parent Should Know About

A baby shower is a fun and loving experience for expecting parents. It’s a time where family members’ and friends’ excitement over the new child is truly palpable. Each pregnancy has its own circumstances that may influence what an appropriate baby shower looks and feels like. Fortunately, there are plenty of different kinds of baby showers every parent should know about. So, you can determine the most comfortable approach for celebrating the arrival of your child.

Different Kinds of Baby Showers All Parents Should Know About
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Traditional Baby Shower 

When you envision a stereotypical baby shower, you likely imagine a traditional one. A traditional baby shower often occurs during the pregnancy, roughly a month to a month and a half before the due date. 

Guests gift the parents with ample diapers, baby wipes, baby outfits, and items from a baby shower registry if one is available. Through these presents, they express their joy and love for the baby and parents. Many expecting parents will add a theme to a traditional baby shower to make it their own. 

Sip and See Baby Shower 

If you don’t have the time to fit in a baby shower before the due date or want to avoid any potential event-planning stress, you can always opt for a sip and see baby shower. A sip and see baby shower takes place after the baby’s arrival, about a month or two later, or whenever you’re comfortable. 

A sip and see is like a meet and greet for family members and friends to meet your newborn. It can function similarly to a baby shower, with games and gifts. But it can also be laxer so that it doesn’t overwhelm the baby or mom. 

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Rainbow Baby Shower 

Rainbow baby showers are for babies who are born after the loss of another child. The unique circumstances and emotions involved in a rainbow baby shower can cause it to look and feel different than an average baby shower. 

If you’re interested to learn more about this special type of shower, look into what you should know about rainbow baby showers. You’ll discover more on appropriate festivities and alternatives to traditional celebrations. 

A Baby Sprinkle 

Topping off our list of different kinds of baby showers that every parent should know are baby sprinkles. Baby sprinkles allow you to rejoice over the arrival of your second or third child. These occasions are called sprinkles because the guests don’t shower expecting parents with gifts this time; they sprinkled them instead! 

You’ll likely already have the basics from your previous child, such as a crib or stroller, which is why baby sprinkle guests often bring other essentials, such as diapers and wipes (or a subscription for them). People often combine baby sprinkles with sip and sees so that loved ones can meet the newest member of the family as well. 

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Now that you know several different baby showers, you can think about which one you want to go with. Whether you go more traditional or try something new, you’ll be able to celebrate this joyous time happily with family and friends. 

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