Best DIY Hobbies to Help You Cope With the Lockdown 

Don’t know what to do during these uncertain times? Consider taking up one of these hobbies to help you cope with being in lockdown.  Since Covid-19 spread all across the globe, we don’t have another alternative than to stay indoors. People are having real struggles dealing with their daily life routine, once the pandemic broke their personal habits and careers.  

It’s inevitable to become bored, without actually knowing why, and this can have huge impacts on your mental health. Studies have shown that depression and anxiety have increased especially in the young adult generation since this pandemic struck our modern society.  

You’ve already boosted your working-home station, did a number of workouts to keep the spirit up, and binge-watched all TV series that Netflix has to offer. So… what more is there to do? Don’t worry, today we’ll help you find out, with some incredible and productive hobbies to help you cope with quarantine. Get creative and keep your mind healthy! 

Best hobbies to help you cope with the lockdown
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Best hobbies to help you cope with the lockdown


This isn’t a general hobby that can be adapted to everyone. It’s a bit hard, especially if you don’t have a shop station where you can make any type of mess you like, for example, if you live in an apartment or in a cozy study. But if you happen to have enough space at your house, woodworking can be a total stress relief.  

Are you getting sick and tired of that coffee table getting old in the middle of your living room? If you’re a handy person, you know that building something from scratch, with your own dedication and working-craft abilities, can seriously improve your personal achievements. Woodworking can be an option for those stressful and anxious days, since it takes some time and dedication while realizing that you’re creating something from nothing! It’s cheaper than buying a new desk and it’s totally worth it, having something home-made by yourself.  

There are some DIY shops that can help you get all the materials you need, at cheap prices like this site. And there’s nothing more helpful than your friend “YouTube tutorials” to help you get started.  

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We’ve never really appreciated our grandmother’s work during childhood, but it turns out that knitting can be a huge stress reliever, while giving your room a whole new appearance. Being thorough isn’t always a flaw. Having a blanket made with creativity and caution can help be a great coping mechanism, for example. Being focused on tiny details can help your concentration and increase your serotonin levels, while your bed gets a whole new fancy look. If you have a birthday coming up, what a lovely way to deliver something home-made to a friend or family member. 

Candle Making 

Did you know you can make your own scented candles? Candles are totally trending right now and as you know, their scent can create a relaxing environment. If you do little research you can find cheap and environment-friendly ingredients that can also be recycled. Fragrance or essential oils are a tremendous improvement to revive your mood, energy and your sleep routine! 

Art Therapy


Like knitting, you can improve your concentration skills if you take a little time coloring or drawing. It’s a relaxing and fulfilling craft that can help you loosen up for a bit, and I’ll ensure you’ll lose track of time, while getting lost in the canvas.  

If you’re not much of an artist, you can acquire drawings that are custom made and color them following the paint instructions, usually by numbers. This requires way more concentration and helps your brain to focus on one function only. Painting is one of the most relaxing hobbies to help you cope with feeling isolated.

Calligraphy Master  

If you’re looking for a mindfulness activity, calligraphy can be the answer. With a beginner’s tutorial, you can improve your hand-writing skills and fundamental practices of this art at home, while reconnecting with yourself. You can learn the functions of ink, dip-pen, or brushing writing while creating different shapes or primer strokes. A great hobby to relieve your brain from nowadays struggles. 

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Stay Home… Stay Safe! 

As you can see, being at home can be really productive. There are always meditation and online therapy courses you can do, in order to keep your mind away for a bit while learning new skills that can be really helpful in the future. Discovering new passions gives you a sense of joy and fulfillment, and these activities can be the food your brain needs during this time indoors. Listen to what your mind has to say, and answer the call. It’s never too late to change your daily routines and discover new pleasures.