How To Match Your Outfit With Your Children

If you love to match your outfit with your children, you’re not alone.  It’s a popular fashion trend that’s developed over recent years. Even though it seems all cute and fun, it can easily get out of control. The trend had arisen from the fact that children are our mini copies as they look like us and behave like us. So, why not also share a style with us, the parents. These matching outfits are often too cute to resist, of course, as long as they are tasteful, natural and comfortable for the children and parents as well. It can also be a great way to bond with your children and boost creativity.

However, it’s crucial to keep a level of sanity, as we’re molding our children with everything we do. Therefore, putting too much importance on physical appearance can have detrimental effects. Take a look at some summer fashion trends for moms who want to be comfortable and try to find a matching clothing item for their kids.

How To Match your outfit to your children
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Opt for Mini-me matching outfits

When speaking about matching outfits for mother-daughter, the easiest way to go is to wear the same dress, in adult and child size. It looks cute and fun, and it’s okay to do it from time to time, not always. Daughters love wearing the same dress as their moms do. By dressing in the same outfit, you and your daughter will surely look like a cheeky and bold mother-daughter duo. Don’t forget to snap the moment!

Match accessories, colors and prints

If you don’t want to go for the exactly-the-same-outfit look, there’s another plausible way you can still match your outfit to your children. For example, you can match your outfits partially. It means that accessories such as a flower band, shades of some colors or different prints will work perfectly. This way goes well for both boys and girls, in fact, with the whole family. Seeing a family all mixed and matched is so cute! You can find plenty of clothing pieces for your children at Kidz Emporium that you can easily coordinate with your adult outfits.

5 Summer Fashion Trends for Moms Who Want to Be Comfortable

Coordinate casually

You can also coordinate casually, for example, by wearing a matching pajama set. Besides, if you have daughters, you can get some comfortable, casual, cotton dresses that are both practical and functional. Made from quality materials, these dresses can withstand playtime as well as wear and tear. You can also find a matching shirt for your little man to fit in the crew.

Go for the classics: flowers, stripes, denim, tartan

Some things are simply classics, and they look good on all generations. Let’s start with the floral print. You can easily match your flower outfit with your daughter by wearing some cute dresses or playful skirts. Be careful, though, as not all prints suit everybody. The safest way to go is to opt for some small flower print – it usually fits everybody. Moreover, stripes never go out of style, and you can match them both with girls and boys. They are simple and classic. Keep in mind that narrow stripes have a slimming effect, while wider ones give an illusion of width. That’s why it’s crucial to know your body shape and choose the style accordingly. The festive look of tartan is perfect for Christmas time, and you can easily coordinate the whole family in matching outfits. And lastly, denim is a classic, and there are infinite ways you can match your outfit with your children.

Don’t go overboard

As already mentioned, it’s so easy to go overboard. Don’t let yourself get carried away and overdress your children or dress them inappropriately. It’s crucial as it can affect them negatively in the future. Avoid any adult-like clothes and accessories. Let them be children and enjoy this period.  Matching the outfits in the right way can look amazing and super-cute. But only if it’s done tastefully – remember that.

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