What To Consider When Buying Your Baby a Crib

Buying a crib is a crucial step when completing a nursery. It’s one of the hardest purchases to narrow down, especially when considering factors like the material it’s made from and what technologies come with the crib. For example, as your child grows, you might want something that can grow with your baby; so you want to take convertibility into consideration. Here is some helpful information regarding what to consider when buying your baby a crib.

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Consider the Type & Material

Often, you might come across cribs of different styles and colors. However, you need to focus on the material. When shopping for specific types, wood and metal cribs get compared most since they’re the most common material types. A few other things to consider include portability and if the cribs can convert into a bed to grow with your child.

Stick to a Budget

Having so many choices can make purchasing this essential piece of furniture difficult. When shopping, you need to keep a budget in mind. On average, a parent-to-be can spend up to $800 on a crib alone. However, the mattress can cost up to $300. On the other hand, when making a budget, list out all potential features you want. With your list, you can help narrow down enough options to formulate a budget.

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Keep Safety in Mind

When thinking about what to consider when buying your baby a crib, the most crucial element is how safe it is for your little one. One of the main things that helps you decide is the type of mattress it needs. If the mattress isn’t firm, it can sag under the baby’s weight, leading to safety issues.

When shopping, use the following list as a guide to help decide the best crib for you and your kiddo.

    • Ensure that the side rail can’t drop and that the slats are six centimeters apart to prevent babies from falling out and trapping their heads
    • If the crib’s used and over ten years old, replace any old parts with new ones to meet the safety standards
    • Ensure the purchased mattress fits snuggly into the crib to avoid the babe from slipping between the sides and the mattress. Also, if your mattress comes with plastic, remove it before placing it down

A baby crib is an essential element that completes a nursery and makes organizing you and your baby easier. When out shopping, keep these things in mind to help you find the right piece that meets your expectations and is safe for your little one to use.

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