How to Look Better with Injectable Fillers for Both Men and Women

For those who want to look better with injectable fillers, read more to see if they are the right choice for you.  They are gaining popularity in the working population as they have increased pressure to retain their youthful look to stay relevant and competitive in the business world today.

While there is a drastic rise in the number of people having non-invasive cosmetic treatment, men are not exclusive. Since the 90’s, men are concerned about feminizing their features. Even so, there are different reasons why men and women go for cosmetic procedures.

For men, injectable fillers are customized to offer them a masculine definition and distinction to look ageless with carved and definite features. Biological facts define the difference in men’s and women’s physique. This brings in a difference in how their bodies age. Thus, the cosmetic procedure is not the same for men and women as they cater to specific purposes.


How to Look Better with Injectable Fillers for Both Men and Women
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Injectable Fillers for Men

Men go for a cosmetic procedure to maintain a masculine and definite feature attributed to their physical appearance. The procedure involves lifting and enhancing facial outlines, reinforcing noticeable facial features, and getting rid of aging signs like sagging skin. While many individuals who go for dermal fillers are women, most men go for the procedure as it is effective and has refined results.

Before going for the procedure, the most important thing is to choose a professional healthcare provider who is experienced in specific men’s injectable filler. When going through the procedure, the surgeon must tailor each treatment to bring out a man’s natural structure and address bulging aging signs like UV exposure lines, volume loss in areas around the lower and mid-face, and forehead wrinkles.

Difference between Men and Women’s Injectable  Fillers

Biology proves that men and women have distinctive structures. Men have large bones and thicker skin than women. Their forehead is more prominent, wider, and larger, and a skull that is twenty percent larger than a woman’s.

Men have flatter and angled cheeks and eyebrows, while women’s eyebrows are feminine and more arched, and their cheeks are fuller and round. Men tend to lose volume in their lower lips, while women lose it in their upper lips.

During the cosmetic procedure, a surgeon administers different quantities of medication to either a man or woman. To treat the crow’s feet, a surgeon uses ten units of the injectable filler on both a woman’s sides, while for men, the surgeon administers twelve to fifteen units on each side. A surgeon also administers twenty-five units of injectable fillers on a man’s glabellar area as they have larger muscles and twenty units on a woman’s.

There is also a difference in how their forehead is treated. Women want a small amount of filler in their third lateral eyebrows to give them a fine arch. Men will not go through that as it portrays a feminine look. Men want a more horizontal eyebrow, and the most suitable place to place fillers is the nasolabial fold.

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Why do Men Need Different Injectable Fillers than Women?

Based on the biological fact that men have thicker skin and larger bones, they tend to go for thicker injectable fillers to achieve desirable results. Most surgeons say that men visit their clinic to get fillers on their glabellar area and forehead. Fillers are used together with botulinum toxin to achieve better results and for longevity.

What Happens During the Injectable Filler Treatment?

The fillers are injected into soft tissues to smoothen and restore the appearance of the skin temporarily. The procedure is easy and fast. It takes approximately thirty to sixty minutes to complete the procedure, depending on the area being treated. During the appointment, here is what happens:

    • The surgeon will examine your skin and give you applicable recommendations to achieve the best results. Your surgeon will either recommend one or more types of filler and the required units to treat each area you want improvement.
    • When you are okay with the recommendations, the practitioner will apply an anesthetic to the area to reduce pain. Most patients note that the procedure is painless.
    • The surgeon will then use an ultra-thin needle to inject fillers into your skin to restore the volume of your skin, folds, and fine lines.
    • After injecting the fillers, the healthcare provider will offer you an ice pack to reduce swelling. The doctor will also recommend other medications for bruising like arnica gel.

The good thing about cosmetic treatment is there is no downtime required. You can go back to your office after the procedure or go home and have a tranquil afternoon. However, the doctor will recommend avoiding exercise for the next twenty-four hours after the procedure.

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How Soon Do You See Results?

After an injectable filler treatment, you will see the results immediately. You may also experience mild swelling and bruising for a couple of days. Consult your doctor on different ways to take care of the bruising and swelling after the treatment.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

Even though there are permanent facial fillers, there are complications incurred when using them. Most people prefer using hyaluronic acid products that are effective and safe. The product, however, does not last for long as your body begins breaking it down over time. When you experience changes with your result, you can go back to your healthcare provider to have a new injectable filler.

You will look better with injectable fillers and the results last for six to eighteen months, depending on how quickly your body breaks down the filler. Those with a faster metabolism rate go back for the treatment sooner than those with a sluggish metabolism.

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Side Effects

When comparing the injection with the ancient collagen injection that needed skin tests, the recent injectable fillers are non-allergic. Several tests and studies have been conducted globally to ascertain the safety of the procedure. Even so, several patients confirm the following side effects:

    • Skin infection
    • Swelling
    • Redness
    • Bruising in the treatment area

Final Thoughts

While men and women can look better with injectable fillers, it is essential to know the importance of the procedure and if it’s worthy. The procedure rectifies your skin appearance and eliminates signs of aging, but it is not permanent. You have to go through the procedure after a couple of months to maintain a youthful appearance.

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