5 Activities That Will Help You Overcome Anxiety at Home

If you have ever been in a situation where you were anticipating giving a speech or running a meeting for the first time, you probably know what anxiety is all about. Characterized by unexplained feelings of tension, worry, and restlessness, anxiety is a common emotion that sometimes develops into a mental disorder. You can manage light levels of anxiety pretty easily without the need for in-depth medical attention. In fact, only about 36% of people who live with anxiety as a mental disorder receive medical intervention. Here are a few activities you can do to help you overcome anxiety from home.

5 Activities That will help you Overcome Anxiety at Home
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Take Control of Your Breathing

Yoga as an industry has grown tremendously over the past decades due to its healing properties. As far as anxiety goes, specific easy yoga techniques provide a sense of relaxation and soothing. Particularly taking charge of your breathing and being lost in the moment will connect you to your subconscious and facilitate a self-awareness that will calm you down, helping you to overcome anxiety. Try to use the following bulleted guidelines when attempting to command your breathing:

    • Assume a comfortable position and inhale through your nose.
    • Involve your abdomen as you inhale.
    • Exhale through your mouth with lips angled like you are whistling.
    • Your exhalation should be longer than inhalation.
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Consider Using Supplements

Modern supplements can help beat anxiety without causing unwanted side effects. They achieve this by offering a sense of relaxation and boosting energy levels that will enable you to perform beneficial physical activities. There are many over-the-counter supplements such as kava, chamomile, lavender, kratom concentrates, and lemon balm. They are consumable in all kinds of forms, such as:

    • Powders
    • Pills
    • Liquid extracts
    • Additives for your tea

The use of CBD oil and medical marijuana in general to treat various medical conditions, including anxiety, has been on a constant rise in recent years. Individuals often testify to its healing properties, so be sure to check a cannabis dosing guide.

Some supplements are potentially invasive, so be sure to check with your doctor before using supplements, especially if you are on any prescriptions.

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Blow Some Bubbles

This sounds like just a childish game, but surprisingly, it works! Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference. The technicality involved in blowing bubbles helps the mind focus and steer off destructive emotions, not to mention the satisfaction of watching the actual bubbles. Besides, blowing bubbles is synonymous with breathing control. The constant drawing of air from deep inside your body will open the air pipes and chest; your lungs will have more fresh air, which is beneficial for the mind.

Sing and Dance to Your Favorite Songs

Remember how they say that everyone sings like Beyonce in the bathroom? Well, it is reasonable enough to extend the talent for self-treatment. There is something about music that makes it therapeutic for a lot of us, which is why even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, artists still perform from living rooms or balconies and gather millions of viewers. The next time you feel anxious, try dancing or singing along to your favorite jam, and that could be just the healing you need.

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Go for a Walk With Your Pet

Walking is one of the most underrated anxiety control methods. It reconnects you with nature, allowing you to interact with all sorts of life, from trees to wildlife. The chirping of birds, falling leaves, or butterflies flying around can help relax your mind. And what’s better than enjoying this with the company of your pet? Nature and the unconditional love that your dog has for you could be the answer to managing your stress and anxiety. If your locality is boring or makes you anxious, try a place where you are less known, and if possible, a luxurious neighborhood that will trigger a sense of amazement.

Anxiety can be detrimental to your health and productivity both at home and at work. From spending time with nature, dancing, to doing yoga, there are many ways to fight the mental condition. Even medical marijuana is an option preferred by many in the modern world. In order to overcome anxiety, take your time to discover what works best for you and practice it every time you feel anxiety setting in.

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