Camping with a Baby Checklist 

Do you want to take your family on a vacation in nature? Camping is a wonderful outdoor activity for the whole family, however, if you have a baby, you must take care of additional things to make him satisfied and safe. 

In this article, I will tell you which camping essentials should you pack for the baby’s safety and well-being. If you will be camping with an infant for the first time or you are looking for some good tips you are welcome to check the camping with a baby checklist that will come in handy in the great outdoors.   

Camping with a Baby Checklist
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Camping with a baby checklist

Some parents have no clue how to spend quality time with a baby camping. They are afraid that their child will get cold or will not feel good, but this is not the case that you have to worry about. You can go camping with your young one if you prepare thoroughly. 

To survive your camping trip with a baby, here are the camping necessities that will make your kid safe and happy. The checklist includes camping gear and other items so you will have an easier time handling all the tasks around the camp.

Baby camping chair 

Taking a baby camping chair is a must. Baby chair for camping is foldable and portable so you will have an easy time transporting it. This piece of equipment is great as your child will have his place to eat. At the same time, you will monitor him while picking woods for a campfire or cooking dinner. 

When picking yours, make sure that you consider the weight that is allowed and the features that will make your camping easier (removable tray, machine washable fabric, adjustable height, etc.). 

A playpen 

You can’t leave your baby to crawl at the campsite so this is why it is important to have him at sight all the time. While you will have to do some tasks, put him in a playpen so he can play and distract himself. With some toys inside, he will have a great time playing and developing his mental and physical skills. 

A child carrier 

I am sure that you will go camping with a car so taking a child carrier won’t be an issue. The gear is a smart idea since you two will be able to walk on the trails and explore the beautiful surroundings without burdening the young one. He will be safe inside the carrier and see what is happening around him (watching landscape and animals, listening to animal sounds, etc.). 


Toys are very important for a baby since he will develop cognitive, mental, physical, and motor skills. Make sure that he will play with different toys that will improve his abilities and learn. Leave him to play as he wants since he will learn from his own mistakes. I advise that you take toys that will boost his motoric and mental skills. Also, make sure they are safe for his age.  


Where will you put your baby to sleep inside a tent? I advise you to get a bigger tent as you will be able to organize your camping furniture easily. You can opt for cabin tents that have high walls such as a log cabin tent

Buying a baby camping crib, or a bassinet is a clever idea since you will be able to put your infant inside and cover him with a blanket to keep him warm. You can also opt for a baby sleeping bag where he won’t need an extra blanket. 

Baby clothes 

Clothes are one of the most important stuff that you should consider for the young one. No matter when you will be camping, you should bring the clothes that will keep him comfortable. While he can’t tell you that he is feeling cold or too hot you will have to think for him.  

Winter situation 

I suggest that you pack warm merino wool and synthetic clothes. The wool is a great insulator and will keep him warm while synthetic clothes are great if there will be rain (synthetic material resists moisture).  Opt for waterproof baby shoes so he will be able to walk in dry footwear.  Don’t forget to cover his ears, head, and hands as these body parts are the most exposed to the elements. 

Summer situation 

Are you a fan of camping in the warm weather? Would you love to take your family to a beach? In this case, you should adjust clothes and other gear regarding the weather situation. 

Beach camping isn’t the same as ordinary forest camping. If you will be camping on the beach then there is a big chance you will be exposed to the hot sun and sometimes wind. I recommend getting a beach tent that will protect the whole family from the harmful UV rays and wind. 

Babies have sensitive skin so you will have to protect yours from the sun. Take short and long sleeve shirts and pants that are breathable (cotton, flax, etc.). If you will dress him in short sleeve shirt and pants make sure that you apply sun cream on the uncovered body parts. 

Baby food 

Mother’s milk is the best when it comes to providing a child with a bomb of nutrients but after 6 months of age, you can give him other food as well. Pack some porridge and well-mashed fruits and vegetables to keep his stomach fed. Remember, he has a small stomach so arrange small meals throughout the day. You can buy these products or make them at home, as you wish. 

Other baby items 

Here are the other baby items that you will be thankful for while camping. Consider taking a pad, a pillow, a changing station, (swim) dippers, stretchy pants, wet wipes, a diaper rash cream, a baby powder, pajamas, bottles, bowls and spoons, a water purifier, a changing mat, (zippered) bags, a bathtub, towels, hygiene products, a baby-safe bug spray, medications, and other items that you use regularly. 

Let nature be his teacher! 

I hope this checklist for baby camping opened your eyes to the basics that your kid will need to enjoy camping with you. In the end, I should say that you should let your child play in dirt, grass and explore new things since nature is the perfect teacher.  This way you will make beautiful memories that he will remember and make him nature aware. I wish you an unforgettable camping trip!  

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