Body Pampering Treatments for Stressed-Out Moms

Managing the household, dropping the kids off to school, heading a significant project at work, swinging by the grocery for supplies, wrapping that gift at the very last minute for a friend’s birthday dinner.  All these and more are common tasks juggled by mums around the world. If you’re one of the millions of women who experience this from day to day, how would a full body massage or a whole day of body pampering treatments sound? Simply heavenly, don’t you think?

Body Pampering Treatments for Stressed Out Moms
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Body Pampering Treatments for Stressed Out Moms

Shoo the Stress Away

It’s no secret that being a mother can be stressful. Results from a 2019 research conducted by a team from the University of Essex and the University of Manchester found that working mothers are more stressed than those without kids.  

The data collected by the UK Household Longitudinal Study and published in the British Sociological Association journal Sociology, reveals that mums working full time and taking care of a child are 18 per cent more stressed than those without children.

The level of stress rises to 40 per cent when working moms take care of two kids. Meanwhile, working mothers with two children but who work reduced hours have 37 per cent lower stress levels than working mums with inflexible work hours.

Stress can be defined as the body’s reaction to pressures from life events. This feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with specific situations can trigger the body’s “flight or fight” response and helps people respond to dangerous situations.  In some instances – such as during a competition – the stress response can be beneficial as it pushes one to do better.

However, if the stress response is inappropriate and becomes excessive or repetitive, it can take its toll on the body. Chronic or long-term stress renders one in a constant state of flight or fight and can adversely impact both your mental, emotional and physical health.

7 Days of Self Care

Must-Have Massage

When stress is weighing you down, one thing you can do is to set aside quality time for yourself. As a mother, you are often concerned with your family’s well-being, even to the extent of neglecting your own needs.

Aside from lighting scented candles while soaking in the tub, or listening to relaxing music as you wind down for the day, getting a massage is also a perfect solution to banishing stress away.

Some women shy away from doing these things because it may seem indulgent or selfish. However, you need to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup. You also need to take care of yourself to have more will and energy to care for others.

To de-stress, treat yourself to a day at the spa or a health and wellness resort. People used to go to a massage parlor to knead away their worries. These days, entire complexes and destinations offer a holistic approach to attaining health and wellbeing.

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If you’re not familiar with what body treatment services you can get, here are some examples of pampering treatments designed to rejuvenate the body and calm the mind:

1. Bath Rituals

If you think taking a long, hot shower is relaxing, how much more would a 60 or 90-minute bath ritual feel like?

Top-notch wellness destinations can offer a host of body-pampering treatments that focus on giving you a bathing experience you’ll never forget. There’s a bathing therapy that uses the power of organic, hand-harvested seaweed to increase blood circulation, moisturize the skin, and promote healing.

Another bath ritual that offers potent detoxification using organic seaweed extracts, humic acids from Irish peat, lipids, polyphenols, trace elements, and vitamins is a spiced mud bath. Submerging yourself into this warm concoction will help reduce cellulite, battle the signs of skin ageing, soothe muscle aches and pains, and relieve stress and exhaustion.

For a more luxurious bathing experience, go for a top-to-toe cleansing Hammam bath. Starting with a mint leaf foot ritual, the pampering treat also includes a hair and face therapy using pure Moroccan remedies to restore a glowing complexion. An oriental massage that involves a traditional dousing of rosewater caps off the 90-minute session, leaving you relaxed and radiant.

2. Body Wraps and Scrubs

Other body pampering treatments include body wraps and scrubs that slough away dead skin cells, detoxify the body, and revive the spirit.

There’s an organic body wrap treatment that consists of a full-body brushing designed to hydrate, relax and relieve stress. This procedure helps protect the body from environmental cellular damage, increases circulation and combats the signs of ageing. It also aids in making the skin firm and toned.

Body scrubs like one that uses lavender oil, seaweed, and sugar works to gently remove dead skin cells and heal the skin with lavender oil and seaweed extracts. You can also indulge in a head-to-toe scrub using a certified organic bladderwrack body buff to reinvigorate dull and tired skin.

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3. Massage Therapies

Massage away the stress and worries with an array of body massage therapies. Performed by certified holistic practitioners, you can choose from a curated menu of massages that ranges from a 30-minute Swedish back, neck, and shoulder massage to a full 90-minute session of aromatherapy, deep tissue, traditional Thai massage, and many more.

For a quick healing session, opt for reflexology where specific reflexes in the feet are pressed to promote better health, stimulate blood microcirculation, and reduce stress.

If you love a warm, soothing massage, there’s hot stone therapy that uses warm basalt stones. The deep, penetrating heat from the stones aids in easing pain and tension while supporting wellbeing.

Traditional massages such as Abhyanga full body massage, Udvartana invigorating massage, or Padabhyanga foot massage are also excellent choices to relieve aches and pains and restore vital energy.

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Perfect Pampering

With the wealth of options available when it comes to body pampering treatments, you should be able to choose one that will best suit your needs. Whether you do it weekly or whenever you feel like, it’s important to remember that you are doing this to recharge your drained batteries. These body baths, scrubs, wraps, and massage therapies are all designed to make you feel and look better and equip you with the much-needed vigor you need to face the world.

Author Bio

Burak Cankat is the Wellness Director at Zoya Health and Wellbeing Resort in the UAE, with 18 years of experience in the Hospitality, Health and Well-being industry. The resort is a unique integrative well-being destination nestled between the sea and mangroves in Ajman, offering holistic packages that combine cutting-edge medical science, physiotherapy, fitness, nutrition, and the latest advance in aesthetics to nourish the body and invigorate the mind.

20 Awesome Etsy Finds That Will Get You Through Quarantine

Etsy is a way to support small business owners during the pandemic.

With the coronavirus global pandemic closing the doors of many businesses, which ones will suffer the most?  The larger, corporate companies may make it through this with minimal impact, but the small business owners are at the biggest risk of losing it all.  Etsy is made up of independent sellers and small business owners from around the world, and they also offer the largest collection of unique and handmade items.  Purchasing one of these Etsy finds is the easiest and most fun way to #StandwithSmall.

Consider joining the #StandwithSmall movement and check out some of these useful Etsy finds.
20 Awesome Etsy Finds That Will Get You Through Quarantine
*This post contains affiliate and/or paid links which means that if you click on one of these links and buy a product, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Rest assured that I only recommend products that I love from companies that I trust. Furthermore, I am not a medical professional and nothing in this post should be taken as medical advice. I am simply a mother who has been there and lived to tell the tale.
DIY Craft Kits - Etsy Finds 20 Awesome Etsy Finds That Will Get You Through Quarantine
Work From Home Supplies - Etsy Finds

Etsy Finds For Your Self Care Routine

Stuck at home during quarantine?  What better time to catch up on self care.  These Etsy finds make it easy to focus on you.  Put in the effort during quarantine and come out of the pandemic glowing and refreshed!

Self Care Kit - Stresscase Shop
StresscaseShop on Etsy

A Customized Self Care BoxEach purchase is curated based on your specific needs and includes things like organic teas, natural beauty products, herbs and even healing crystals.

Hair Growth Kit - NaturalSisters
NaturalSisters on Etsy

Hair Growth Products. Spend your self isolation growing out long, luscious locks.  Since you’ve got some time off from constant styling, now is the perfect time to focus on hair health.  

Dry Brushing Kit

A Dry Brushing Set.  Dry brushing is a technique that helps exfoliate the skin as well as massage the lymphatic system for better physical and mental health.  This set comes complete with a brush and oil, perfect for your daily self care ritual. 

Hammock Chair
HammocksNica on Etsy

A Relaxing Hammock.  Hang it outside or in and it’s sure to become your favorite place to sit and relax.  Use it while meditating, watching the kids play or while reading a good book. 

Etsy Finds For Your Home Office

As a blogger, I’m used to working at home, but not everyone else is.  It can take some adjustments to find the right home office space.  Whether you need some privacy for conference calls or are struggling to make a homeschooling schedule, these Etsy finds might be able to help. 

Work from home door signs
WoodFinds on Etsy

Work From Home Door Signs. What’s worse than having your kids run into the room while you’re on a video call?  Or having to put someone on hold to answer the doorbell?  These customizable wood door signs might be just what you need. 

Honeycomb Pen Holder
DimensionsonDemand on Etsy

A Honeycomb Shaped Pen Holder. Can’t keep track of all your office supplies?  This 3D printed honeycomb desk organizer has room for all the various supplies you need for homeschooling or working from home.

A Chalkboard Command Center.  
CalendarGirlCompany on Etsy

A Central Command Center.  You might think there’s less to write on your calendar these days.  But you can use this calendar to keep track of your homeschooling assignments, work meetings or conference calls, social phone calls and meal planning so you can limit your shopping trips. 

Etsy Finds For Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are important things we should do everyday while stuck inside the house.  Quarantine is a good time to finally finish your favorite book.  And everyone should be keeping a journal of this historical pandemic so that we never, ever forget. 

A Leather Bookmark.   
OxandPine on Etsy

A Leather Bookmark.  Etsy actually has a huge assortment of bookmarks. Many people have made the switch to online or electronic reading, but nothing beats curling up with a good book and a fancy bookmark. 

A Leather Journal.
ForestNine on Etsy

An Old World Style Journal. I think this leather journal is just perfect for detailing all your pandemic chronicles.  Imagine being able to pass this down to your kids or grandchildren one day? There’s something romantic and adventurous about living through this historical time period. 

A Calligraphy Kit.  
AngeliqueInk on Etsy

A Calligraphy Kit. Learning a new skill is great for our mental health and will keep you distracted while bored at home. Calligraphy is all the rage right now, despite it’s ancient background. 

Etsy Finds For Organizing Your Kitchen

It’s not uncommon for those in quarantine to spend a lot more time in the kitchen.  Whether you’re expanding your cooking skills, cleaning and decluttering or baking bread, these Etsy finds are sure to help out!

A Spice Rack and Jars 
DIYProjectsShop on Etsy

A Spice Rack and Jars. This rustic, reclaimed wood spice rack comes with matching glass jars so you can keep all your spices at hand and on display while you try out those new recipes. 

Pantry Labels 
madeupbymandy on Etsy 

Pantry Labels. While you’re busy organizing your pantry, get a set of matching labels to give it a professional look. And hopefully, your pantry will stay clean after quarantine is over.

Beeswax Food Wraps.  
AlisaYao on Etsy

Beeswax Food Wraps. If you’ve been meaning to start eliminating disposable plastic in your kitchen, quarantine is the right time to start.  It’s healthier for you and for the environment, plus it will save you money and is one less thing you need to stock up on. 

Etsy Finds To Keep You Busy

Etsy is one of the best places to find arts and craft supplies, as well as handmade items.  Whether you want to start crafting, are looking for ways to incorporate art therapy into your life, or just need to restock some of your supplies, consider supporting a small business on Etsy.  

A DIY Organic Soap Kit
Arterno on Etsy

A DIY Organic Soap Kit. Make your own soap at home, and don’t worry about the stores being out of stock.  You can make handwashing more enjoyable with beautiful organic, hand made soaps.  Or craft them as a gift for a healthcare or front line worker in your life. 

A Weaving Loom Kit.
handiworkyourlove on Etsy

A Weaving Loom Kit. Weaving, knitting, crochet, macrame… any of these crafts are great for your fine motor skills and offer a distraction from anxious thoughts.  Try utilizing one of these crafts while meditating! 

An Embroidery Kit
KirikiPress on Etsy

An Embroidery Kit. Make an adorable little critter with these embroidery starter kit.  Another way to keep busy and learn a new skill.  

Etsy Finds For Your Windows

Have you heard of the Hearts in the Window movement?  People everywhere are decorating their windows to brighten their neighborhoods and send messages of hope.  Etsy is a great place to find unique and beautiful decorations for your window so that you can spread joy in your own community.

Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher
enbleuetverre on Etsy

A Heart Suncatcher.  This stained glass art piece resembles a dream catcher mobile and would look stunning displayed in your sunniest window!

Rainbow Heart Suncatcher.
ZorkaVenera on Etsy

A Rainbow Heart. I also love this colorful geometric heart.  I’m sure when the sun comes through this stained glass heart, the entire house is filled with a flurry of color! This seller also makes them in other styles, including gorgeous mandala designs.

Window Clings.  
WindowGemStudio on Etsy

Window Clings. Another great option to decorate your windows is by using decals and clings. These simply stick onto your window and also reflect light through them for a rainbow effect when the sun shines through.  Bonus – they work to deter birds from flying into your windows!  

And finally, if you absolutely must leave the house during the pandemic, make sure you’re equipped with a proper face mask.
Face Mask with filter pocket.
YourCuteWallz on Etsy

Face Mask with filter pocket. Several Etsy shops have started making and selling face masks to keep up with the growing demand.    You can find some that are made of organic cotton, have a filter pocket, or with different designs and ear straps, which tend to make wearing them more comfortable.  (But keep in mind that nothing sold on Etsy is considered medical-grade.) 

These Etsy finds are just a few suggestions of the millions of products you can get to make your quarantine more enjoyable.  And by making a purchase on Etsy, you can rest assured that you’re supporting a struggling independent seller or small business owner through this time of financial uncertainty. For postpartum depression printables, don’t forget to check out our own Etsy shop @RuninTrianglesBlog

Remember to #StandwithSmall and #StaySafe!
Etsy #StandwithSmall