Self-Esteem Reminders For Postpartum Moms

Life as a mommy can be hard.

A lot of new mothers talk about their lack of confidence and self-esteem following the birth of their child, so it’s essential to address the subject and help them. Contrary to what the recent pictures of Kate Middleton holding baby Louis in front of the hospital, your body doesn’t spring back to its normal shape and energy levels in no time. So, don’t be too harsh on yourself if you feel it’s taking ages to get back to your usual self. It’s entirely normal.

Here are a few reminders to boost your self-esteem in the postpartum period.
Self Esteem Reminders for Postpartum Moms
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Love your new self

A lot of young mothers can’t help but look in the mirror and feel less desirable after birth. Ultimately, your body went through enormous changes – giving birth is nothing to take lightly – and you now need to look after a small baby. So, yeah, you look tired. Your complexion is dull – but how could it be otherwise in those circumstances?

You can leave the baby with your parents or your partner and allow yourself some much-deserved self care time.  Spend the day getting your hair or nails done, visit a spa or seek beauty brow care from Lustrous Permanent Beauty. Go on a shopping spree for some new clothes or shoes.  It’s not a matter of making yourself more beautiful than you are – you are already beautiful. It’s about helping yourself to see past the mask of tiredness. Remind yourself to take care of yourself.  

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Meet other mommies

Having a baby is both a wonderful and stressful experience, regardless how much you wanted to become a mother. Sometimes, you need to hear reassuring words about your baby, or you may want to receive tips from experienced mommies. That’s precisely why it’s so important to connect with other mothers, either through childbirth classes or even online.

You’ll find it great moral support when you’re going through the first steps of parenthood.  It’s normal to wonder if you’re doing everything right or to ask other moms for advice. Finding out that you’re not alone can also improve your self esteem as a parent.  So enjoy the mama wave of love and understanding.

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Be realistic, your body needs time and so do you

Ignore the VIP photos in the magazines or the comments from friends who don’t have children. Postpartum recovery takes time, in fact, it can take 6 weeks or more for a normal birth, and up to 12 weeks for a C-section. So there’s no point blaming yourself for your lack of fitness after the birth. Self-depreciation and the difficulty to accept their post-pregnancy body drive a lot of new mothers into depressive moods. It’s crucial you remember to be patient with your body and with your mind.

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The bottom line is that as much as you need to embrace motherhood, you can’t deny yourself the right to be a woman with doubts, fears, and worries. It’s okay not to feel like a perfect mommy at first, and it’s totally normal to lose a bit of your self esteem. Take the time to look after yourself, physically and mentally. You’re worth it!