Kids’ Bathroom Decor Ideas 

A child changes so much about life — right down to the way you decorate. If your home has space for a dedicated kids’ bathroom, for example, it could be a great opportunity to create a personalized and functional place for baths, bedtime routines, potty-training and tooth-brushing. The fun part is you have so many possibilities for decorating, all depending on your tastes and how you envision life with your little one. Will you go with an underwater vibe, animal decorations, a favorite movie character or superhero, or something else? There are so many ways to customize the kids’ bathroom to your family! 

At the same time, you also have to consider how accessible the items will be for children in this space. It’s also incredibly important to know what safety precautions to take. With that in mind, here’s a look at various ideas for creating the kind of kids’ bathroom you and your little ones will love. 

Modern Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas
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Modern Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

Look for foundational pieces with staying power

When you’re renovating, you want to spend the bulk of your investment on the parts of the bathroom that can grow along with your child. In other words, before you go all-out on a certain theme — be it beachy or cartoony — you want to think about how it will feel three, five or even ten years down the road. Fixtures that can go the distance, such as a quality shower/tub or timeless tile, are worth the expense; those items that your kids will outgrow are not. Even in a kids’ bathroom, shoot to create a solid foundation that can be child-focused now, but more mature later. 

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Have fun with accessories 

The place to be bold in the kids’ bathroom is with accessories. Shower curtains, rugs, towel hooks, artwork, baskets and other decorations can create a big impact in terms of style — without costing too much upfront. These are also simple enough to switch up down the road. Even paint offers a relatively easy upgrade, whether you want to go with a bold color, polka dots or stripes. Feel free, because you can always repaint later for a different look. This way, when your young one gets older and no longer appreciates a certain theme, you won’t have to make major changes to adapt. You can easily re-accessorize to change up the bathroom anytime you like. 

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Add accessibility features

As important as style is in terms of a bathroom’s look and feel, you have to think about accessibility when it comes to kids. The good news is that today’s world of bathroom products includes all kinds of items to increase usability and protection for kids. A kid-safe tub faucet — often shaped like a duck, whale or other friendly animal — can cover the sharp metals that a kid might bump into during bath time. (Bonus: It fits an animal theme!) Non-slip skids and grab bars can prevent slips in the tub. Likewise, a small stool gives toddlers a way to reach the sink when they’re washing their hands or brushing their teeth. 

Organize with sibling stations

If you already know or anticipate that your bathroom will accommodate more than one child, look for ways to establish order and routine for all of them. You could have cubbies dedicated to each kid, for example, and towel hooks labeled by name or initial. You might opt for a double sink rather than a single. Setting some clear spaces and establishing a strategy can make it easier for multiple children to find what they need and put it away when they’re done. 

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Designing a kids’ bathroom is a great opportunity to consider their perspective — what they like and what they need. Use the tips above to guide you in selecting décor that will feel personalized while still being practical and perfect for your little ones!

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