Pregnancy Bed Rest: Things To Do To Pass the Time

Your doctor just told you that you must be on bed rest for the remainder of your pregnancy. This might not be what you had in mind for these final days but doing what’s best for you and your baby is what’s most important. As you begin to learn the art of being adaptable, try these things to do to pass the time on pregnancy bed rest. Check out how sweet life in bed can be.

Pregnancy Bed Rest: Things to Do to Pass The Time
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Start a New Hobby 

You never know how many days you will be on bed rest, and the reasons vary for each woman. You don’t want to spend time ruminating on your worries when you need your health to be at its best. Hobbies can improve your mental health. Choose one that you can focus on and spend a significant amount of time completing. For instance, needlepoint is relaxing and allows you to create items you can use in your nursery. This hobby is simple with modern needlepoint kits that come with all the supplies you need. 

Get Social 

Multiple ways to connect with others exist. Especially when you are pregnant, many people will want to talk to you. Invite your friends over during the final days of your pregnancy. You might think you don’t feel good enough to see people, but the social interaction may give you the boost of energy you need to survive your bed rest. Further, you can join groups online for other pregnant women on bed rest to talk about your shared experiences. 

Enjoy Your Favorite Entertainment 

Whether you love to read, stream TV, or listen to podcasts, you can do it all while on bed rest. Endless hours of free time were made for binge-watching or reading your favorite books and movies. Since you’ve got your baby on your mind, you may use the time to watch, listen, or read books, magazines, and shows about pregnancy and parenting. 

Treat Yourself 

No one deserves to be treated more than you. Use some of your time on bed rest to order something that will boost your mood. Whether it’s something you can enjoy postpartum or a treat you can enjoy while on bed rest, give yourself something nice.



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Try these things to do to pass the time on pregnancy bed rest to keep your mood in a good place for the final days of your pregnancy. You’ve reached the home stretch and will be through the hardest part soon. Use the time you must spend on bed rest to start filling your home with the love you want to share with your baby.

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