4 Things to Do with Outgrown Baby Clothes

Your little one’s wardrobe lives up to the motto “out with the old, in with the new.” As your baby enters new stages, you have to decide what to do with their outgrown clothes. There are many useful ways to repurpose your baby’s outfits. Here are four things you can do with outgrown baby clothes.

Things to Do with Outgrown Baby Clothes
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Save Clothes for a Future Child

If you’re planning on having another child in the future, consider saving pieces that are in good condition and will keep your child warm and covered. If the clothing is something the baby will wear only around the house, some stains are fine.  

Store the clothes in containers under a bed, in vacuum storage bags, or even in diaper boxes. Organize the clothing by size and label the containers so that it’s easy to find the right clothes when you need them. 

Keep a Few Pieces for Nostalgia

You might want to keep a few items so that you can look back on specific moments in your baby’s life. Consider keeping clothing associated with important memories, like a fun playdate or get-together with family, or something especially significant, like your baby’s first outfit.  

You can store these clothes in a memory box and pull the box out when you want to look at them. Or you can display them in a shadow box with some other sentimental photos or items. Don’t feel compelled to treasure everything your precious baby has ever worn—photos can do the trick, too! 

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Give Them to People You Know

You can give baby clothes to friends, family, and acquaintances. Seeing a friend’s baby in the clothes your baby once wore can bring you joy, making this a great thing to do with your outgrown baby clothes. 

If you need baby clothes again in the future, the people you’ve helped will probably be happy to return the favor. Swapping clothes like this keeps well-loved, functional pieces in the mix while filtering out old clothes and introducing new pieces with minimal cost. 

Donate Items to an Organization

You can donate clothes to a charitable organization, nonprofit, or church. These groups will pass on your high-quality items to families in need. While you should check the requirements of your specific donation site, you can also look at general recommendations for donating

Donate clean clothes in good condition, free of rips and stains. Your facility can also tell you their donation procedures and whether they have a greater need for a particular type of clothing. 

Keep It Up! 

Like many aspects of motherhood, going through your baby’s outgrown clothing is a task you’ll do more than once. There are many useful places you can send your baby’s old clothes. You’ll avoid getting overwhelmed with clutter by periodically going through your baby’s wardrobe. Ultimately, this will help you reclaim space and focus on your baby’s current adventure.

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