14 Day Kindness Calendar for the Month of Love

Let’s start February off with this kindness calendar, because there’s no denying that we could all use more love in our lives. After the chaotic year that was 2020, the intentions we’ve set for 2021 are likely more grounded in self-care and appreciating the little things. These types of intentions are rooted in love. 

While February is typically known as the month of love, there are many ways to show it. You may choose to surprise someone with roses or maybe you’d rather spend time making a nice dinner with a loved one.  If you’re looking for a unique way to show love this Valentine’s season, you might want to consider random acts of kindness. Random acts of kindness are small acts that can make a big difference in someone’s day.

14 Day Kindness Calendar for the Month of Love
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14 Day Kindness Calendar for the Month of Love

To help you spread the love this February, we have 14 kindness ideas, one for each day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Either follow along day-by-day or pick your own order. Each time you complete an act of kindness, check off the heart on the calendar.

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Day 1: Send a letter of encouragement

Photo of a mandala coloring page insert next to an envelope
printable mandala coloring page

Send a letter of encouragement to someone who could use a smile. Print out mandala coloring pages to put in the letter so the recipient has a fun activity to entertain them and keep them calm. If you have young kids, have them color the designs and send the artwork in the letter instead.  

Day 2: Bake a treat for your neighbor

What’s your favorite item to bake? Bake your favorite treat or a treat you think your neighbor will like and package it up with a printable treat tag

Photo of printable treat tags on table with baking supplies
printable treat tags

Day 3: Leave a positive review at a local spot

Many small businesses have been struggling this past year. Lift them up by writing a positive review or sharing their posts on social media.

Day 4: Give someone a compliment

Whether it’s from six feet away or on Zoom, brighten someone’s day by complimenting them. 

Day 5: Create a pick-me-up kit 

Do you know someone who’s in a rut? Create a pick me up kit with printable notes and leave it on their doorstep. 

Photo of pick-me-up notes next to a gift bag
printable kindness notes

Day 6:  Bring flowers to an essential worker

There are many selfless heroes who are working overtime to keep us safe. Brighten their day with some brightly colored flowers. 

Day 7: Send someone a candid photo

Go through your camera roll and find photos you have with the special people in your life. Send them the photo and a nice note. 

Day 8: Leave a note in a loved one’s lunch

Show your appreciation for your family members by including a surprise printable note in their lunch. 

photo of cute lunch notes next to a homemade lunch
printable lunch box notes

Day 9: Pay for someone behind you in line

When you’re out getting lunch or coffee, pay for the person behind you. If you don’t have the financial means, you can offer your time by letting them cut you in the check-out line. 

Day 10: Start a gratitude journal

When you start recognizing the positives, you become more positive. Start a gratitude journal to document all the things you’re grateful for. 

Day 11: Clean up your community

Make your neighborhood a cleaner and prettier place to live. Pick up trash for an hour or plant flowers in a community garden. 

Day 12: Give yourself a break

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printable bookmarks

Spreading love and kindness includes practicing self-care. If you’re not at your best, you can’t be there for the people you love. Take a break and practice self-care in a moment you’d normally fill with other to-dos. 

Day 13: Give a friend your favorite book

Raise your hand if you have a bookshelf of books you probably won’t read again. Rather than letting them gather dust, give them to a friend with a personalized printable bookmark. 

Day 14: Leave a love note in a stranger’s mailbox

Some are saddened by Valentine’s Day and could be feeling especially alone. Be sure to spread the love by leaving love notes in stranger’s mailboxes. 

What other random acts of kindness would you add to this kindness calendar? Remember, you can do these things all year round and not just in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Spreading kindness offers a mood boost for both the giver and the receiver, so do as much as you can to be kind to others this year. 

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