Everything You Need For Planning a Gender Reveal Party

In the last few years, having a gender reveal party has become all the rage. Finding out the sex of your baby is nothing short of exciting. And unlike a baby shower, you can have a gender reveal to celebrate each pregnancy! Once you read about everything you need for planning a gender reveal party, you can throw yours without stress.

Everything You Need for Planning a Gender Reveal Party
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Plan a Reveal 

Before you can plan the party, you’ll need to schedule an ultrasound so you can have the big reveal. When you do this, tell the sonographer of your plans, and ask them to write the gender down. Then, keep that note in a sealed envelope and give it to your trusted co-planner.   Your co-planner is the only person at the party who should know the gender. For the reveal itself, you have many options: 

    • Reveal cake: Order a gender reveal cake with blue or pink frosting on the inside. 
    • Balloon Box: Have a large box packed with blue or pink balloons. When you and your partner open it, they’ll float out. 
    • Reveal balloon: Have a helium balloon filled with pink or blue sand for you and your partner to pop.  

Your options are open to whatever you want, so get creative with what you pick!  

Decide On a Theme 

Every great party has a theme. If you want to go with a color scheme, consider having blue and pink decorations. Find creative ways to reflect this theme through food and drinks as well.  

Remember, everything should tie back to your theme. So, if you want a theme centered around the beach or summer, consider including some gender-neutral baby basics for summer to home in on your party’s feel. You could add mini sunscreens, beachballs, sunglasses, and maybe even a swimsuit for both genders! 

Another popular theme is “What Will It Bee?” and blending bee-themed decorations with baby décor. There aren’t many restrictions on themes, so get creative and have fun with it! 

Plan Some Entertainment 

Once you’ve established a theme, it’s time to plan party games. For example, you could do guessing games where guests have to predict the gender! But if you want to get sentimental, then ask your friends and family to write notes to your future baby that you’ll someday share. 

Document Everything 

A list of everything you need for planning a gender reveal partyis incomplete without mentioning photographs. Ask someone to take pictures of the big day. With all the excitement, it may feel like a whirlwind. But when you get a chance to relax, and it’s just you, your partner, and the baby, you’ll want to reflect on these beautiful memories. 

With the perfect plan, you can make your gender reveal party a blast for you and the guests. Take time to get creative; you can have fun and reflect your theme in the menu, invitations, and décor. And remember you can ask for help, this party is fun and shouldn’t cause you any extra stress!  

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