How To Dress For Your Body Type

Every human being has its unique identity and style. In this world of fast fashion, beauty, and social media everyone wants to look like their best version.  In order to achieve the best of your style, you must be aware of your body shape, size and geometry. To help you dress for your body type, we have classified different body types based on measurements and appearance. Get the deeper knowledge of your body to style it better.

How to Dress for your Body Type
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The Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

An inverted triangle body shape is determined by the broad shoulder in comparison to the lower half of the body. The waist probably doesn’t have any space with the hips. Women with inverted triangle body types must avoid tops that highlight their shoulders. Big straps, Halter neck tops should be avoided. Try to balance your upper half with v-necks, crewnecks, scoop necks and peplum tops. For the lower half, you can opt for flared pants, boyfriend jeans, wide-legged jeans or large prints to volumize your lower body. These sorts of bottoms help to create a balance between the upper and lower part of the body. 

The Apple(Round) Shaped Body

Also called a round or circular body shape, this body type seems heavier on the upper half of the body. Here, the bust, waist, hips seem to be uniform and shoulders are narrower than the rest. You have a large bust and your waist is almost undefined. Women with apple shaped bodies find it difficult to style according to their body type. Finding the correct fit is a lot of struggle. Loose fit is a strict no as it will make you look big. 
Wrap tops, peplum tops are the right choices to get a defined waist and draw attention. Wear dolman sleeves, V-neck T-shirts to balance out the lower half. Straight skinny jeans, mid waist jeans, flared pants add up the required volume to your appearance.

The Athletic(Rectangle) Shaped Body

The athletic or rectangle body type is determined by its measurements. Here, the shoulders, bust and hips are fairly uniform. The waistline is more straight than curvy. The athletic body people must focus on accentuating their bust to make the waistline defined and curvy. Opt for scoop neck tops within puffy sleeves, or you can go for a sweetheart neckline or a collared neckline too. Ditch the skinny jeans and choose flared, slim-straight, wide-legged jeans for creating a fair balance. You can add up belts around the waist or pick belted jackets to make your waist look curvy.

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The Hourglass Shaped Body

The hourglass shape is often referred to as a curvy body shape. Women with hourglass bodies have uniform shoulders and hip measurements. The waist is defined and the bust is large. You can opt for anything with that almost perfect body type. You must choose wraps, peplum tops, A-line dresses, scoop neck tops, deep v neck tops. For the lower half, you can go for mid-rise jeans, flared jeans, skin fit jeans. Fit and flare dresses and jumpsuits are you’re a-listers for date nights. Never forget accessories with jewellery and handbags.

The Pear (Triangle) Shaped Body

A triangular frame or a pear-shaped body can be determined by its narrow shoulder and bust with wide hips and thick thighs. This body type people need to draw attention to their upper half. Always choose bright colours, prints, boat necklines, sweetheart necklines, cowl necks or square necks. Rather than choosing skin fit jeans, you should opt for straight fit mid-rise jeans. Flared pants, boot cuts and flat fronts are good options for your bottoms. A-line dresses or off-shoulder dresses are essential for casual parties and date nights. 

The Petite Shaped Body

Petite body type is not a specifically defined body shape. It covers all women under 5’3. Women however can have any kind of body type but we are giving you universal tips based on your short height.  Women with a petite figure have to get their tops tailored from sleeves most of the time. You must always go for 3\4 sleeve length with light coloured shirts. For casual days you can choose off shoulders, scoop necks to flaunt your collar bones. While looking for the bottom, you must choose mid-rise jeans for a taller illusion. Choosing a fit is not a problem, you can pick a straight skinny, wide-leg pair of pants according to your body type. Keep knee-length skirts, midi, and high-low dresses handy for special events. 

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The Tall Body Type

Tall body types talk about your height to be more specific. The main characteristics are your height being 5’9’’ or taller, inseams are 32’’ or longer and sleeves and pants are mostly short. Your body type may vary in size and proportions, so we are just recommending tips based on your height. Blouses, V-neck t-shirts, tunics, belted jackets are the right choice for your long torso. Straight fits, flared and high waisted jeans look super chic on a tall girl. Skinny fit is a choice but avoid it if you are on a leaner side. As for dresses you can go for midis, Wrap dresses and one with the prints. 

The Plus Size Body Type

Plus-size people used to struggle a lot finding the correct fit for them a few years back but now the fashion houses have created a section for plus-sized people specifically. Women with this body type should pick tops and dresses with v-necklines, choose smaller prints with dark shades, use belts and wraps around the waist to get it defined. Always go for fit and flare dresses or you have an option wrap and sheath dresses for formal occasions. While choosing bottoms, avoid flared jeans and rather pick up straight fit, skin fit or boot cut bottoms. Accessorize with necklaces, handbags and eyeglasses. 

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