Workout Tips to Stay Active for Stay-At-Home-Moms

Stay-at-home moms do not have it easy, we have heard that statement countless numbers of times. But it is undeniable that caring for little people who have their agenda and a never-ending list of needs, takes a toll on the mamas that live to make sure their kiddos stay happy and healthy. To keep our little ones healthy, we need to stay healthy ourselves. Try some of these workout tips while you’re stuck at home with the kids.

Workout Tips for Stay at Home Moms
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It’s Time for a New Routine

It can be tough trying to shove more things to do into an already very busy schedule, but that does not mean that moms should have to neglect their health. It is very important to start getting back into working out. Whether you get some help from family or friends, or you play ball or jump rope with your kids. It may be time to add some more healthy movement to our day.  One of the simplest workout tips is to change up your routine to include some self care time for yourself. 


A Few Ways to Work-Out As a Busy Queen Bee

Here are some workout tips that can help improve our mindsets, happiness, and the way we feel overall:

1. Try not to think of exercise as work

Do something you normally enjoy, and even involve the kids if possible. You can dance, you can do wheelbarrow races, or even organize a maze or a type of team builder that requires movement.

2. Be the early bird that gets the worm

Try waking up before anyone gets out of bed and do an early jog with your dog or your significant other if grandma can come over that bright and early.

3. Take up something new to you

Deciding to try something new like yoga or belly dancing or maybe martial arts will not only boost your health but also challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and gain some confidence in realizing that you are capable of more than you even realized.

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A Workout, Without Having to Go Anywhere

A home workout is sometimes all that we can afford or have time for. And that is perfectly fine too. If we find a way to work out two or three days per week, we can still find ourselves feeling so much stronger, healthier, and even more beautiful from thinking more clearly. Sometimes all we need is to follow an exercise video we find online or lift some weights and do some crunches in our room in between changing diapers.


Working out does not have to feel like mommy boot camp, but there are workout tips to find time for it that will help us feel more like ourselves on our worst days and be the best possible mamas for our children when they are having their bad days too. Both us and our kiddos can benefit from squeezing some healthy movement into our everyday routines, and in the long- run they will thank you for helping them take up healthy habits at such a young age. 

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