The Ultimate Collection of Postpartum Depression Stories Online

The Ultimate Collection of Postpartum Depression Stories Online
I am a huge believer in telling our postpartum depression stories and talking about maternal mental health disorders.  

Mothers should not have to suffer alone, yet so many women do because they are ashamed of speaking up due to the stigma that surrounds these disorders.  While there are several valid reasons that moms don’t want to share their postpartum depression stories, it can be helpful to read the stories of others to see that you are not alone.

It has become my mission to collect and share the stories of women who have battled mental health disorders along their journey through motherhood.

Many of those women are talented mom bloggers who know how important it is to speak out, and I’ve shared their stories below as inspiration.  (If you are a blogger and would like your existing post to be featured, please e-mail

But so many of them are not and have no idea where or how to begin speaking out about their pain.  (If you are interested in sharing your story about a postpartum mood disorder, please click here for more information.)

Here you will find a list of posts from other brave women who have decided to share their postpartum depression stories with the world.  I hope they will inspire you to tell your own story.
The Ultimate Collection of Postpartum Depression Stories Online
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The Ultimate Collection of Postpartum Depression Stories Online

CLICK HERE to see all the postpartum depression stories submitted as guest posts on Running in Triangles.

My Postpartum Adventure: Part One and Part Two

Rachel from This Postpartum Life shares a two part series on her blog about how she came to realize that she had postpartum depression (thanks to very little help from the medical system and those around her) and what her journey has been like.

Postnatal Depression – How it Started

Valinda from Green and Happy Mom shares her postpartum depression story.  She gives great detail about the symptoms she experienced and the care she received.  

The Birth of a Mother

Michelle from The Perfectly Imperfect Mummy has two sets of twins and suffered from postpartum depression both times.  She utilized the support of a local Mother and Baby Unit to help her get through her first year of motherhood.

Postpartum Depression: The Darker Side of Motherhood

Aprille from Beautiful In His Time shares a detailed tale of postpartum depression and how she managed to cope while her husband was deployed.  

Post Natal Depression – My Personal Experience

Claire from This Mummy Rocks had a history of mental health issues but didn’t experience actual postpartum depression until after the birth of her fifth child.  

Postpartum Depression in the 1950’s , My Grandmother’s Story

Deanna from Maple Leaf Mommy gives us an interesting look at what postpartum care was like in the 1950’s and how it has evolved.  Sharing her grandmother’s experience also demonstrates the long-term effects that postpartum depression has on a woman’s brain.

Postpartum Depression Snuck Up On Me

Stormy from Pregnant Mama Baby Life talks about what she knew of postpartum depression prior to getting it, both professionally as a nurse and also what she had heard about it from popular culture.  Despite all of this, she was still blindsided when it happened to her.

I Survived Postpartum Depression and Anxiety… and So Will You.

Aby from One Happy Disaster struggled with mental health issues prior to becoming a mother but it didn’t make her diagnosis with postpartum depression any easier.  Her story is all too familiar, from a labor and delivery that didn’t go anything like she planned, to trouble bonding and feeling detached.  

My Postpartum Depression Story –

Amanda from Legally Mommy suffered from postpartum depression following a pregnancy that she didn’t feel ready for.  She eventually started taking anti-depressants but it left her feeling guilty for having to stop breastfeeding.  

PPD Awareness Month, You Are Not Alone

Brittney from The Honest Mom expresses something many of us have experienced… that she didn’t know she had it until it was almost too late.  Read more about how she came to realize that she had postpartum depression and what her journey was like.

Prenatal Depression: A Tale of an Unhappy Pregnancy 

This is a guest post that I wrote for Mummy It’s Ok about my struggle with prenatal depression while pregnant with my second child.  Pregnancy is normally looked upon as a happy time for most women, but unfortunately, not for everyone.

Read more postpartum depression stories from here.
Surviving the Darkness Series from Muddy Boots & Diamonds 

Emma from Muddy Boots & Diamonds is running a series on her website called Surviving the Darkness that’s open to survivors of Perinatal (Postpartum) Mood & Anxiety Disorders.  You can read some of the interviews and take part in the series to help spread PMAD awareness.

Read the interview I wrote for this series here – Surviving Prenatal & Postpartum Depression: Vanessa’s Story

Kate’s Postpartum Depression Video

This emotional video was submitted to me by Kate, who suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her second child and came very close to taking her own life.

Postpartum Depression in India is Real – I have experienced it, have you?

Anjana from Mommy Republic talks about how she suffered from postpartum depression despite having a supporting husband and plenty of help during her first few months postpartum.

How to Overcome Fear & Worry: My Journey Through Post-Partum Depression

Lauren from Lil’ Olive Tree shares a powerful story of how her faith helped her get through a dark time in her life. 

Postpartum Depression – Adventures with Zoloft

Bailey from Simply Mom Bailey expresses a concern many other mothers have during their battle with postpartum depression – whether or not to start taking antidepressants.

When the Baby Blues Don’t Go Away

Shawna from MishMash Mommy can relate to many other mothers out there who put off seeking help because they’re waiting for the baby blues to pass.  

This is My Postpartum Anxiety

Alaina from Mom Eh! shares her story of battling postpartum anxiety, which is different than postpartum depression and gets even less awareness.

Dear Overwhelmed Mom, You Are Not Alone

Jessica from Life of a Cherry Wife was like most women who assume postpartum depression will never happen to them.  In this post, she offers words of support to women who feel completely overwhelmed by motherhood.  

The Truth About Postpartum Depression

Jen from Modest House, Extraordinary Home does a great job of explaining all the different ways postpartum depression affected her.

Postpartum Depression: Signs and Treatment

Aubree from A Mother’s Field Guide wrote this awesome post packed with information about postpartum depression, followed by her own journey.  She, like many women, battled with depression prior to getting pregnant.

My Struggle with Post Natal Anxiety

Taylah from The Tired Mumma Blog did not suffer from postpartum depression at all, but her postnatal (postpartum) anxiety caused an entirely different level of stress in her life.

PPD: Real Stories; Real Sadness; Real Life

Kristin from This Wife and Mommy Life put together this compilation of postpartum depression stories from women of all walks of life. 

The Secret Struggles of Postpartum

Erica Fraser from Mom Break shares her story in a video as well as a post and speaks about the pain that’s often hidden behind closed doors.

Author: Vanessa Rapisarda

Vanessa is a married, mother of three gorgeous kids. As a postpartum depression survivor, she writes about maternal mental health and wellness. She believes that speaking up about postpartum depression is one of the strongest things a mother can do to help raise awareness and end the stigma of mental illness.